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When you write a book or ebook, you should also create an audiobook out of your book. Creating an audiobook is incredibly important for fiction, poetry, business nonfiction, self-help nonfiction, history, memoirs, and related titles. Audiobooks could also be very effective for children’s books where children can read along with your book as they listen to your story.

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  1. Hi John, I have been dreaming about making an audiobook! I am dying to make an audiobook! But I can’t begin to think how and where I can get a sound proof room, the correct equipment, and a techie to help me with that. I can do the narrative: my book is a historical memoir and it would make so much more sense to reach more people than having it printed in large print, which I have been considering. Can you tell me more? I currently live in Cary, NC – have just moved there so I don’t have any connections yet. But all around in this “Research Triangle” must be many opportunities to make my dream come true. I just don’t know how.


  2. You don’t need the sound-proof room or equipment if you hire someone. Check out the audio creation websites here:

    John Kremer

  3. I watched the video and saw the list. The long list. Which one would you recommend I hire? Any idea what it would cost? And an audio book is way different from a video.

  4. I’d check out You can negotiate prices.

    An audiobook is way different from video, no doubt. Actually easier if you hire the right talent. You should be able to find good talent at one of the following sites:

    Now it’s easier to create audiobooks using Audiobook Creation Exchange (, (the world’s largest online marketplace of voice talent), or (

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