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Would you like to get paid for your writing, again and again? Here are some websites that will pay you as an author to write for them.

The Barefoot Writer: — Motto: Freedom-filled living through well-paid writing. Sing up for their daily email newsletter, The Writer’s Life, and get a free report: It’s True! You Can Make a Very Good Living as a Writer: Here Are 9 Ways You Can Do It Now. Alexa: 300,114 in June 2016.

Get Paid for Your PassionDemand Media: — They are looking for experienced, passionate, creative professionals (writers, filmmakers, bloggers) to join their community and lend their talent to their network of leading publishers. Their properties include eHow (Alexa: 838), (Alexa: 1,001), (Alexa: 713), and (Alexa 33,658). I looked all around their site, but could find nothing about how much they pay for content, but they are actively looking to add more writers, bloggers, and experts. Alexa: 249,924.

Once you are approved, writing for Demand Media is easy. First, claim titles you want to write by searching within categories or sites you are interested in. These titles are yours alone and you have seven days to submit the completed article. After review and fact checking by a copy editor, your article is approved for publish and payment is processed. — Pays authors to write local columns on many different subjects. has 20 million unique visitors every month. Note: This website also has a roster of 400 book reviewers. If you’d like to apply to be one of their paid columnists, click here: Alexa: 1,905.

They have writers covering entertainment, sports, recreation, family, home, lifestyle, health, beauty, and news as well as regional topics.

HubPages: — An online publishing community that rewards writers with money, recognition, and readership. They currently have over 200,000 published users. Authors retain ownership of their content. Alexa: 1,171.

HubPages gives writers a free, search-enabled, online ad-equipped writing platform. HubPages then uses its in-house technology to run the best possible ads within the content, and shares 60% of the ad revenue with the writer.

Oximity: — This people-powered news platform has launched a Pay-Per-View feature that empowers independent writers to monetize their content. Oximity sources substantive and high quality news directly from independent journalists, news networks, organizations and citizens, and delivers it to millions of readers worldwide based on each reader’s interests. It has a total reach of 75 million unique readers/month worldwide. More than 782,000 writers worldwide have registered to write on Oximity. Alexa: 22,932.

Topics: Environment, global voices, poverty, humanitarian, labor issues, human rights, politics, women’s rights, etc.

Wikinut: — You can make money with Wikinut in three ways: write pages, review pages, and invite friends. Categories include business, celebrities, family, gambling, guides, health, humor, jobs, money, news, reviews, travel, and writing. Alexa: 76,375.

Here is an updated list of 54 websites that will pay you to write:

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Alexa ranks as of October 2015.

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