Book Marketing Q&A: How to Market Books If You Hate Marketing

Question: How do I market my self-published books if I hate marketing?

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Answer: If they are truly honest, all authors hate marketing. They’d rather write.

Building relationships is the key to marketing. That any author can do. It’s just a matter of making friends.

Of course, if you write a great book, your marketing is at least half done for you. Because great books create great fans. And great fans sell books.

Remember: 80% of all books are sold by word of mouth. Your job is to get that word of mouth started by writing a great book and then marketing it whenever you can.

Rely on the relationships you’ve created with other book authors, with readers, with fans, with the people that read your blog, and with any joint venture partners.

Good book plus great marketing equals great sales.

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John Kremer is author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, the Relationships Matter Marketing program, and many other books and reports on book marketing, Internet marketing, social media, and book publicity. -- .

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  2. I have 8 books to market so I am just about to let it just all go. I worled hard and spent a lot of money. I am now retired from teaching and have the time. I just don’t like the work and not good at it.

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