Book Marketing Tip: Do Community Workshops

Guest Post from Angie Rumaldo

Naturally a shy person, marketing and sales is supremely difficult for me. In fact, I delayed writing my book, due to the idea of having to worry about marketing. However, after reading 15,000 Eyeballs I became inspired and motivated to do what I naturally fear.

Angie Rumaldo

I contacted several community agencies near me and offered to present a free parenting workshop, with the understanding that I could also promote my new book Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior: Simple Steps and Resources to Guide You Through the Journey.

The book outlines a series of action plans, that help parents recognize and correct common behavioral problems before they inflict lasting damage. With insights into typical issues at each phase of an adolescent’s growth and development, parents learn red-flag behaviors early on and develop a plan to fix them.

The combination of the book and the parenting workshop was a natural union and welcomed by the community. 164 people showed up at the two events. And I was able to sell 136 books! I was also asked to come back to provide paid parenting workshops.

The end result was a success. Not only was I able to provide much needed resources to the community for free, I was able to sell books, be recognized as an expert, and acquire business as a licensed psychologist.

If I can do this, so can any other book author. Just find appropriate community agencies and offer to do free workshops for them.

Angie Rumaldo, PhD, Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior: Simple Steps and Resources to Guide You Through the Journey. Find out more about my books at

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