How to Build an Amazon Store for Your Books (and Related Titles)

Check out this video from Amazon Marketing Services on how to build an Amazon store for your books (and any related titles). Great inspiration.

Once you’ve viewed the video, go right away and build your Amazon store!

Note: You can create multiple stores focused on any theme. These stores can be used to market any sort of book: novels, memoirs, children’s books, business books, cookbooks, and more.

And it’s all free if you are an Amazon vendor!

Wiley Amazon Store

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How to Build an Amazon Store for Your Books (and Related Titles) — 3 Comments

  1. Amazon Marketing Services just hosted a webinar on that very subject (the video in this blog post). They would not have done that if their Amazon Stores were no longer valid.

    Here is their statement: Amazon Pages is being replaced by a new product, Amazon Stores. Amazon Stores allows you to build multi-page stores to showcase your brand’s value and your products.

  2. I see. It’s a bit confusing. I was in the affiliate program. This webinar is for vendors. It’s surprising they are launching it so quickly after retiring the aStore for affiliates.