Perfect Book Title Formula: What’s the Perfect Length for a Book Title?
avatar asked a great question, Is it possible to make the perfect movie? By doing a little research they came up with the perfect movie formula and described that formula in an infographic. It’s a great infographic that could help you come up with the perfect book title formula.

The key finding about titles: The top 250 movies on the Internet Movie Database are dominated by movies with titles of three words or less. Great book titles may have more words, but there are a lot of great titles with three words or less (and a great subtitle, for nonfiction books).

Check out the Perfect Movie Formula infographic below. You might fight additional ideas on how to make your perfect book, an incredible bestselling book.

The Perfect Movie Formula infographic

Would their research make for a better film than the likes of The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, or Amadeus? The majority of the data for this infographic came from the Internet Movie DatabaseWikipedia,, and

As they noted, the top 250 IMDB list may be skewed due to men being 10 times more likely to vote on IMDB than women. Here’s a key discussion relating to the lack of female participation in movies.

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