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Prevention Magazine

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Prevention is a monthly health, fitness, weight loss, diet, beauty, food, nutrition, pets, and happiness magazine. The Rodale motto: We inspire health, healing, happiness, and love in the world. Starting with you. They rarely review books, but they do feature tips from authors, an occasional interview, and some book excerpts (3/16).

Prevention Magazine Editors

Bruce Kelley, Editor-in-Chief. The previous editor-in-chief excerpted from Jeff O’Connell’s Sugar Nation, Roy Baumeister’s Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, and Arthur Agatston’s The South Beach Wake-Up Call (11/11). Excerpted from David Kirchhoff’s Weight Loss Boss and Jean Chatzky’s Money Rules (6/12).

Olessa Pindak, Executive Editor

Amy Beal, Deputy Editor

Sarah Toland, Food and Nutrition Director

Khalil Hymore, Contributing Food Editor

Caroline Praderlo, Food and Nutrition Writer

Jennifer Goldstein, Beauty Director

Kate Lowenstein, Health Director

Sarah Klein, Health Writer

Jenna Bergen Southerland, Fitness Director

Dr. Andrew Weil, Columnist. Email: Answers questions on integrative medicine.

Prevention Magazine Online

Heidi Cho, Digital Director

Amanda Kelly, Senior Digital Editor




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