Self Publishing Q&A: How Do I Pick a Topic to Write About?

Question: How do I decide if I have a self-publishing book project worthy of the commitment?

John Kremer’s Answer: When I’m writing a book, I don’t worry about potential sales, potential audiences, or potential marketing scenarios. My first concern is always this: Do I love the book project? Will I like being involved in writing the book for months or even years? That’s how I decide if a book is worthy of my commitment.

Of course, I do like having an audience. But, like most writers, I write because I am following my passion not an audience. Fortunately, most of my passions do have audiences. So it works out.

For most authors, you really need to want to write your book, you really have to be passionate about it because that ultimately determines whether or not you’re going to finish the book.

It’s not important whether or not you start a book. It’s important whether or not you finish a book. Because finishing a book is what makes for a successful book.

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