Top 10 Literary Agents

Top 10 Literary Agents

Top 10 Liberary AgentsI’ll customize a list of the top 10 literary agents who would be best at helping you sell rights to your book, whether it’s a novel, a business book, a cookbook, a children’s book, or focused on any other topic. I’ll also write and send an introductory email to one of the top agents where I’ll recommend you and your book.

Here are the lists you can order, most of which will include more than 10 literary agents personalized to your need:

Literary Agents for Business Books

Literary Agents for Children’s Books (picture books, middle readers, young adult)

Literary Agents for Cookbooks

Literary Agents for Novels (any genre, commercial or literary)

Literary Agents for sports, spirituality, self-help, Judaica, reference, humor, progressive politics, conservative politics, health, fitness, education, parenting, etc.

Order your personalized list of literary agents for only $125 by clicking here:

Get ready to find a great publisher!. Once you find a literary agent you can work with and who loves your book, you’ll soon be on your way to signing a contract with a major book publisher — and soon on your way to being a bestselling author.

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