Writing Advice from The Wheel of Time Series

A Memory of LightHere is some writing advice from Thom Merrilin, a storytelling character from A Memory of Light, book 14 of The Wheel of Time series:

If you use the words people expect, they grow bored. A great ballad needs to be unexpected.

Never be expected.

When people start to expect you—when they start to anticipate your flourishes, to look for the ball you had hidden through sleight of hand, or to smile before you reached the twist line of your tale—it is time to pack up your cloak, bow once for good measure, and stroll away.

After all, that was what they’d least expect you to do when all was going well.

John Kremer’s Book Writing Comments . . .

Now, great fiction is always unexpected on some level or it doesn’t make a great story.

But even nonfiction should be unexpected. If it’s expected, it means that you are not revealing anything new. And if so, then why would they buy your book?

Be unexpected. Be surprising. Be one of a kind.

When you are unexpected, you can surprise your readers, even delight them. That gives you an extra edge on getting noticed and making sales.

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