Book Marketing: It Is Hard!

John Kremer on Marketing

During the past few days I’ve had a number of authors write me to complain how hard it is to market a book. Well, gosh, it is hard.

It’s hard to write a book. It’s hard to publish a book. It’s hard to carry out a book marketing plan. It’s hard to do Internet marketing. It’s hard to keep up with social media. Life is hard.

If it were easier, everyone would write a book. If it were easier, everyone would publish a book.

Thank God, it isn’t easy. Otherwise there would be so much competition that marketing would be even harder. Social media would be even harder. Everything would be harder.

Thank God, it’s just hard.

Now, having said, don’t forget that I’m the Book Marketing Ambassador of Fun!

If you don’t want writing a book to be hard, then write from your heart.

If you don’t want publishing a book to be hard, then publish from your passions.

If you don’t want marketing a book to be hard, build relationships from the heart. Share with others. Accept their offerings of help. Help others in return. Give, give, and then give some more. That’s the basic, most fundamental law of marketing.

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