Videos on Book Marketing, Writing, and Publishing

If you love to absorb content via videos, then check out these top videos on marketing books, creating books, Internet marketing, social media, and more.

1001 Ways Master Class: Two Videos

Andrew Stanton on the Power of Storytelling

Animated Welcome Characters Done for You

Audiobook Video: Create Your Own Video

Avoid the Perfect Book Syndrome, Aim for the Perfect Reader Experience (book launches)

Become a Storyteller If You Want to Sell More Books

BeLive.TV: An Easy Way to Do Facebook Live Broadcasts from Your Computer

Birthdays Are Good for Your Health Meme and Facebook Video

Blogging Is an Incredible Platform for Book Authors

Book Author Featured in Viral Video

Book Marketing Bestsellers: The Billion Book Initiative

Book Marketing Resources for Book Authors

Book Marketing Secret: Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

Book Marketing Tip: Use Video to Sell Your Books

Book Marketing Tips: How to Explode the Amazon Algorithm

Boyd Morrison on Writing Thrillers and Self-Publishing

Brian G. Johnson: On Creating a YouTube Channel Worth Following

Brian Tracy: The Power of Asking

Content Marketing Video: Facts and Statistics on Content Marketing

Dallas Clayton: An Awesome World of Book Marketing

Dave Chilton: The Key to a Great Book Cover

Dave Chilton: On Selling Lots of Books to Corporations

Does Long Copy or Short Copy Work Best?

Doing a Podcast to Build Credibility

Don Crowther: How to Create Clickable Links in YouTube Videos

Elizabeth Bradley: How to Build a Thriving Social Media Platform

An Example of a Great Book Dedication

Facebook Has Made Some Big Changes – Will They Affect You?

Facebook Live Interview: Anne Bardsley, Author of Angel Bumps

4 Ways to Make Up to $40,000 Before Your Book Is Published

Fun Viral Book Trailer: Incredibly Easy to Duplicate for Any Book

Good Book Authors Steal Content

Great Book Trailer, Book Cover Needs Work

Great Books Are Found Everywhere: The More You Do The Better You Feel

Harlan Coben: The Importance of Independent Bookstores

How to Attract People with Something Different

How to Create and Promote Viral Videos

How to Market Your Book with Ease

How to Sell More Books Via Amazon

How to Sell Your Books by the Truckload on Amazon, II

How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul

How to Use Subheads That Zing in a Great Way

Hugh Briss: Facebook Cover Photos and Facebook Branding

Improve Your Google Rankings in Less Than a Week

Interesting Tools for You to Add to Blog Posts

Jay Abraham: Four Sure-Fire Business Strategies

Jay Abraham: How to Use Bonuses to Sell More Products

Jay Abraham Interviews Brian Tracy

Jay Abraham: Three Ways to Grow a Business

Jeff Rivera: Create a Book Trailer on a Shoestring

Jeff Walker on Marketing with Videos

Jeff Walker: The Three Key Ways to Launch a Book

Jennifer Miller: Innovative Ways to Market a Novel

Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson: iPhone Apps and the Media

Joel Comm, Photobomber and Co-Author of Twitter Power 3.0

John Kremer: On the Air with That Literary Lady

Lonely Planet Using the Ripl App to Feature Travel Destinations

Kim Roach on Web Traffic Pipelines

The Mama Bestseller Video

Margaret Robertson: Games and Stories You Can Win

Martha Carr’s Daily Novel Podcast #1 and #2

Michael Stelzner on How to Build a High-Traffic Website

Mike Koenigs’ Traffic Geyser Marketing Machine Is Back!

Mitch Axelrod: The New Game of Selling Video

The Number One Rule for Building an Online Business

Oprah’s Book Club Rides Again!

People Love a Book Video

Philippa Burgess: Prepping Your Book for Film and TV

Pitch Your Book Story to Book Industry Publications

Placing Your Book Covers into Incredible Settings (including videos)

PopSugar for Women: A Great Place to Get Exposure for Your Books

The Power of Podcasts: Pitch Them for More Exposure

The Product Launch King’s #1 Strategy for Creating Partnerships

The Product Launch King: On Launching Books and Other Products

Provide a Video Testimony and Get Noticed!

QR Codes: An Introduction from RocketBoom

Question: Do Tall and Thin Videos Work on Pinterest?

R C Allen Jr.: Blogs about Funerals to Sell His Novel (book trailer)

Radio Publicity: How to Be a Good Talk Radio Guest

Ray Edwards: Does Long Copy or Short Copy Work Best?

Ricky Gervais on How He Learned to Write

Robert Allen: On Creating Wealth

Robert G Allen: Creating Wealth Video

Robin Williams: Dial This Number Now!

Self-Publishing Hall of Fame: Michael J. Knowles

Self-Publishing Q&A Video: Are Self-Published Books Good?

Sell More Books by Giving Away Your Books

Seth Godin on a Good Day’s Work

Shawn Achor on The Wisdom of Play

A Simple Two-Step Process for Selling Books and Seminars

SlideShare: 5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success

Slideshow Sharing Websites

Super Bowl 2015 Commercial: Believe in Your Dreams!

10 Uses for QR Codes

Tim Ferriss: Advice on Marketing Books

To Market Your Book, Start a Movement

Two Videos: 1001 Ways Master Class

The Unpodcast: Good Publicity and Bad Publicity

Using Video to Sell Rights to a Memoir or Novel A New Site for Sharing Videos (and GIFs)

Viddyoze Video Intros and Outros

Video and Mobile: 2017’s Hot Marketing Tools

Video: Five Keys to Self-Publishing Success

Video Marketing: It Works – Rock It Via YouTube

Viral Marketing Rocks! Pinterest Rocks!

Viral Video Shows How to Market a Bank

Viral Videos: 80 Videos Worth Modeling

Viral Videos to Inspire Your Own Videos

Why You Need to Use Both Social Media and Email Marketing

YouTube Star Gets #1 Amazon Bestseller

Zoe Sharp on Finding Your Voice As a Writer

Book Marketing Secret

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