Audios on Book Marketing and Internet Marketing

If you love to absorb content via audios, then check out these top audios on marketing books, creating books, Internet marketing, social media, blogging, podcasting, novels, viral videos, and more.

10 Reasons Why You Should Create an Audiobook

Amy Schmittauer: How to Create Great Videos

Audiobook Video: Create Your Own Video

Chris Brogan on Relationship Marketing

Cliff Ravenscraft: What You Need to Know to Start a Successful Podcast

Cyrus Webb: How to Host a Successful Author Podcast

David Siteman Garland on How to Grow Sales Via Your Online Platform

Game Changers Radio Interview John Kremer on how to market books

Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Win with Social Media

How to Create and Promote Viral Videos

How to Create Effective Joint Venture Author Promotions

How to Make Your Website a Mobile-Friendly Website

How to Market Your Book with Ease

How to Sell Foreign Language Rights Even If You’re a Self-Publisher

Jim Kukral on Publishing Your Own Ebook

Joel Comm: A Simple Strategy for Using Social Media

John Kremer: On the Air with That Literary Lady

John Kremer: Writing Up a Storm Interview

Ken McArthur on Creating Greater Impact

Kevin Fisher on Using Slideshare for Lead Generation

Lewis Howes: How to Turn Your Podcast into a Money-Making Book

Mari Smith: New Facebook Features for Book Marketers

Martha Carr on Becoming a Nationally Syndicated Columnist

Michael Brito: How to Become a Media Company and Turn Your Business into a Platform

Michael Hyatt: How to Create Blog Content People Love

Michael Stelzner on How to Build a High-Traffic Website

Mignon Fogarty: Why Book Authors Should Build Apps

The New York Times Book People on Twitter

Pamela Herrman on How to Monetize Your Facebook Page

Podcasting Directories and Tools

The Power of Single-Author Blogs

Self-Publishing Hall of Fame: Michael J. Knowles

Seth Godin: On Books, Blogs, and Tribes

Social Media Marketing: Pinterest Podcast

Steampunk Novel Interview with Russell Pike

This Guy Can Sell Books: Tom Antion Interviews John Kremer

Using Teleseminars and Hangouts to Create New Products

Viveka von Rosen on LinkedIn Marketing

Wall Street Journal’s Tech News Briefing podcast: Facebook’s Brand New TV App

Why Podcasting Is Alive and Well

Stranded in a Bookstore Meme

15,000 Eyeballs Internet Marketing Program: – Ten lessons on how to get thousands of impressions for you, your book, your blog, or your website.

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John Kremer is author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, the Relationships Matter Marketing program, and many other books and reports on book marketing, Internet marketing, social media, and book publicity. -- .


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