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News Release Critiques That Help You Sell More Books, Products, Services, or Ideas

Book Promotion and Book Marketing

Book Marketing Sign7 Reasons You Should Be Active on Pinterest

Andrew Stanton on the Power of Storytelling

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on Building a Ship

Are You Aiming Too Low in Your Book Marketing?

Authors Promote Quail Ridge Books & Music

Become a Storyteller If You Want to Sell More Books

Book Author Featured in Viral Video

Speaking Opportunities for Book Authors

Book Author Tip: Joke of the Day

Book Marketing Is Ultimately One Thing: Sharing Love

Book Marketing: The Rules Are Made Up

Book Marketing Tip: Your Attitude

Book Marketing Tips from Oprah Fans

Book Marketing Tips: The Rule of Five

Book Marketing Tips: Work with Other Authors

Building an Author Platform

Bulk Book Orders: Offering Bonuses for Bulk Orders

Colleen Hoover: A New York Times Bestselling Self-Publisher

David Favor: Two Workflows for Marketing Books

Do Epic Terrifying Unheard of S**t!

18 Things High Achievers Do That Low Achievers Don’t

Ernie Zelinski: Creative Book Marketing Strategies

Facebook Tips: 31 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

4 Ways to Make Up to $40,000 Before Your Book Is Published

Friends Who Read Together Do Epic Shit Together

Get Connected with 6 Million Readers in 24 Countries

Great Book Trailer, Book Cover Needs Work

Handwritten Notes Stand Out – Deborah Lloyd

How Do I Get My Books Published?

How Strong Are Your Fans? Do They Love You and/or Your Book?

How to Build an Amazon Store for Your Books (and Related Titles)

How to Market Your Book with Ease

How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul

Hundreds of Places for Authors to Speak and Present

The I-Don’t-Have-Any-Time Hour-a-Day Book Marketing Plan

If You Have Someone to Thank, Make Sure They Know

Indie Bookstore Campaign

Indie Spotlight: Novelist Ricki Wilson Spotlights Other Authors

Internet Marketing Ideas for Cookbook Authors and Recipe Ebook Writers

Interviews: How to Create Relationships with Key Media People

Jeff Davidson: Author Interview Questions

Jeff Davidson: Leveraging Your Book Talks and Author Appearances

Jeff Davidson: Make the Most of Your Speeches

Jeff Davidson: Tools in Your Book Author Arsenal

Jeff Rivera: Create a Book Trailer on a Shoestring

Jennifer Miller: Innovative Ways to Market a Novel

John Graves: Book Marketing Advice

John Kremer’s Advice to Would-Be Book Authors

John Kremer Interview: Book Promotion for New Authors

John Kremer: Writing Up a Storm Interview

Join the Indies First Movement Today!

Ken Leebow: Why Authors Should Blog

Launching a Book to Real Bestseller Status

Lemonade Stand Selling Books

Lisa Kogan: Dreaming and Doing

Lisa Copen: Collecting Testimonials and Blurbs

Love Reading Helps Readers Find New Books

Market Your Book Launch and Prelaunch the Bublish Way!

Martha Carr on Becoming a Nationally Syndicated Columnist

Michael Levine: Ten Commandments for Dealing with the Media

The Month of Thanksgiving: Life Is Too Short

Mutual Facebook Friends Make Great Partners

Neil Ostroff on Marketing Books Via the Internet

Nina Amir: Can You Describe Your Book Market?

Novel Tip-o-Graphic: I am the Storm!

Novel Tip-o-Graphic: Reduce Humanity to Save Planet Earth?

Novel Tip-o-Graphic: Solving the Problem of Overpopulation

Novel Tip-o-Graphic: Who Are the Most Dangerous People in the World Today?

Novel Tip-o-Graphic: Who Will Survive the Coming Apocalypse?

Novel Tip-o-Graphic: The Worst Killer of All Time

101 Ebook Listing and Book Review Websites

Patricia Cornwall: On Life

People Love a Book Video

Pinterest and Magazines: Join in the Fun!

Podcast: How to Create Effective Joint Venture Author Promotions

Podcast: How to Market Your Book with Ease

Provide a Video Testimony and Get Noticed!

Question: Marketing Children’s Books and Poetry Books

R C Allen Jr.: Blogs about Funerals to Sell His Novel

Reach Out to People You Look Up To

Reality Check: The Bad Ass Raccoon Meme

The Secret of Change

Sell More Books by Giving Away Your Books

Selling More Books by Giving Books Away

Sheldon Newton: Book Marketing Counts

Social Media and Book Authors: Stats and Facts

Social Media Sharing Is Love in Action

Take the Step: Move Forward on Your Book Marketing Plan

Teach Them to Long for the Endless Immensity of the Sea

10 Book Marketing Tips – Plus Comments!

10 Questions to Ask: Your Media Interview Rights

Testimonials: One of the Keys to Book Marketing

36 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love – Share this post with your friends!

3 Steps to Doing the Work You Love and Loving the Work You Do

Tim Hartman: 7 Powerful Storytelling Secrets

To Market Your Book, Start a Movement

Twitter to 10,000 Characters: A Marketing Opportunity

Two Key Book Marketing Tips

Use the Shakespeare System of Ebook Promotion

Virtual Book Release Party

What Is Google AuthorRank and Why Should You Care?

Where Do I Find Time to Promote My Novel?

Why an Author Needs a Publicist in Today’s Competitive Book Market

Why Speak? How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech

The Word of Mouth Marketing Manifesto

Writers Can Become Professional Speakers

You, Too, Can Support It’s a Book!

And more book marketing articles:

Booksellers Recommend

Booksellers Recommend: The Authentic Lover by Chris Hakim

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Booksellers Recommend: Meet Us in Tuscany by Janet Toll Davidson

Booksellers Recommend: No Cape Needed by David Grossman

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Booksellers Recommend: Turtle Planet

Booksellers Recommend: Who Created the Definition of Beauty? by Doris Dancy-Whiteside

Conflict: The First Book in the Crossover Time Travel Series from Walt Socha

The Farty Boys: Frank and Beans’ Christmas Mystery Adventure

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