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Book Marketing and Book Promotion

Accept the Help of Others, But Don’t Blame Them

Alexandria Brown: 7 Ways to Use Audio to Increase Your Web and Email Sales

Miracles Can Happen

Andrew Stanton on the Power of Storytelling

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on Building a Ship

Are You Aiming Too Low in Your Book Marketing?

Are You An Inc. Original?

Author Success Story: Reinvigorating Book Marketing

Authors Promote Quail Ridge Books & Music

Banana Republic Business Advice: How to Grow a Company

Book Marketing Alert: The Words You Use Determine Your Success

Book Authors: Memo to Self

Book Marketing, Content Marketing, and Words Infographics

Book Marketing Is Ultimately One Thing: Sharing Love

Book Marketing: It Is Hard!

Book Marketing Psychology: 5 Powerful Principles of Human Behavior

Book Marketing Q&A with John Kremer, Session 1

Book Marketing Resources for Book Authors

Book Marketing Secret: Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

Book Marketing: The Rules Are Made Up

Book Marketing Definition: Let Your Love Shine Brightly

Book Marketing Tip: Do Things

Book Marketing Tip: 21 Kinds of Content That Users Love

Book Marketing Tip: Use Video to Sell Your Books

Book Marketing Tip: What Real Customer Service Looks Like

Book Marketing Tip: Your Attitude

Book Marketing Tips from Oprah Fans

Book Marketing Tips: How to Explode the Amazon Algorithm

Book Marketing Tips I Learned While Watching TV Commercials

Book Marketing Tips: The Rule of Five

Book Marketing Tips: Work with Other Authors

Book Marketing Tweets for May 2014

Book Rights Question: How Do I Sell Mass-Market Paperback Rights to a Thriller?

Book Writing and Book Marketing Articles (The Next Big Book)

Brian Tracy: The Power of Asking

Can a Bad Book Be Sold with a Good Marketing Plan?

Dave Chilton: On Selling Lots of Books to Corporations

David Attenborough on the Art of Storytelling

David Favor: Two Workflows for Marketing Books

Do Epic Terrifying Unheard of S**t!

Ernie Zelinski on Being an Amazon Bestseller

Ernie Zelinski: Creative Book Marketing Strategies

The Essence of Book Marketing: Making Real Friends

Facebook Book Marketing Q&A: Good Stuff Here!

Facebook Tips: 31 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

4 Ways to Make Up to $40,000 Before Your Book Is Published

Game Changers Radio Interviews John Kremer on Marketing Books

Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Win with Social Media

Gary Vaynerchuk on Selling Multiple Copies of Your Book

Golden Nugget Book Marketing

Handwritten Notes Stand Out – Deborah Lloyd

The Holiday Lights Theory of Economics

How Do I Get My Books Published?

How to Build an Amazon Store for Your Books (and Related Titles)

How to Secure Sponsors for Your Events (Like Book Launches)

How to Sell $40,000 in Foreign Rights by John Penberthy

How to Sell More Books Via Amazon

How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul

The I-Don’t-Have-Any-Time Hour-a-Day Book Marketing Plan

If You Have Someone to Thank, Make Sure They Know

Indie Booksellers: DC Area Independent Bookstores

Interviews: How to Create Relationships with Key Media People

Jay Abraham: Four Sure-Fire Business Strategies

Jay Abraham: How to Use Bonuses to Sell More Products

Jay Abraham Interviews Brian Tracy

Jay Abraham: Three Ways to Grow a Business

Jeff Davidson: Author Interview Questions

Jeff Davidson: 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Mainstream Author

Jeff Davidson: To Authors Who Exaggerate: Stop!

Joe Vitale: A Lesson in Copywriting

John Graves: Book Marketing Advice

John Kremer’s Advice to Would-Be Book Authors

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tips on Facebook

Kathleen Gage: What You Absolutely Must Do Once You Write a Book!

A Key Book Marketing Tip: Persistence Works

Larry Page on Doing Crazy Things

Launching a Book to Real Bestseller Status

Lemonade Stand Selling Books

Lewis Howes: How to Turn Your Podcast into a Money-Making Book

Lisa Kogan: Dreaming and Doing

Lisa Copen: Collecting Testimonials and Blurbs

Market Your Book Launch and Prelaunch the Bublish Way!

Michael Brito: How to Become a Media Company and Turn Your Business into a Platform

Money Is Attracted to Speed

The Month of Thanksgiving: Thanks for the Little Things

Nina Amir: Can You Describe Your Book Market?

19 Ways to Get What You Want

Patricia Cornwall: On Life

Persistence: What You Have Control Over

Podcast: How to Create Effective Joint Venture Author Promotions

Podcast: How to Market Your Book with Ease

PopSugar for Women: A Great Place to Get Exposure for Your Books

The Product Launch King’s #1 Strategy for Creating Partnerships

Q&A: When Is a Book Well-Written and Publishable?

Real Friends vs. Good Friends

Recommended Reading on Book Marketing and Ebook Promotion

Recommended Reading on Book Marketing and Social Networks

Robin Williams: Dial This Number Now!

Rock Your Soul Marketing: The Secret to Selling More Books

The Secret of Change

Self-Publishing Tips: 10 Ways to Become a Bestselling Book Author

Selling Book Rights: What’s a Good Price?

Seth Godin: On Books, Blogs, and Tribes

Seth Godin on Horizontal Book Launches

Seth Godin: How to Sell a Book or Any New Idea

Seth Godin on a Good Day’s Work

7 Ways to Engage The Readers of Your Blog

Shawn Achor on The Wisdom of Play

Should Independent Authors Invest in Billboards?

Should You Steal These Headlines?

A Simple Two-Step Process for Selling Books and Seminars

Spend Only 30 Minutes a Day on Social Media – Here’s How!

Take the Step: Move Forward on Your Book Marketing Plan

Teach Them to Long for the Endless Immensity of the Sea

10 Questions to Ask: Your Media Interview Rights

Testimonial: Relationships Matter Marketing Program

Testimonials: One of the Keys to Book Marketing

36 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love

3 Steps to Doing the Work You Love and Loving the Work You Do

Tim Hartman: 7 Powerful Storytelling Secrets

The Top 10 Book Marketing Blog Posts of 2013

Top 10 Literary Agents

The Top 17 Book Marketing Blogs Posts of All-Time

The 12 Commandments of Success by W Randall Jones

22-Step Cheat Sheet to Profit from Twitter

Twitter to 10,000 Characters: A Marketing Opportunity

Two Key Book Marketing Tips

Walt Disney on Making Your Dream a RealitySpill the Beans Marketing

What a Book Marketing Guru Does

The Wholesale Dollar Value of U.S. Book Sales

Why Speak? How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech

The Word of Mouth Marketing Manifesto

Novel Marketing: Marketing Your Fiction and Poetry

Self-Publishing Books and eBooks

Boyd Morrison on Writing Thrillers and Self-Publishing

Dallas Clayton: An Awesome World of Book Marketing

Jim Kukral on Publishing Your Own Ebook

Marketing Children’s Books

Dallas Clayton: An Awesome World of Book Marketing

Lemonade Stand Selling Books

Question: Marketing Children’s Books and Poetry Books

Top 10 Literary Agents

Why You Should Love Children’s Ebooks (and Books!)

Write for a New Online Magazine for Kids and Parents

Marketing to Libraries and Schools

Dallas Clayton: An Awesome World of Book Marketing

Public Libraries: The Ability to Travel Through Time and Space

Selling to Bookstores

Book Marketing GIF: Are You a Bookaholic

Bookseller Letters You Would Love to Get

The Ideal Bookshelf Via Changing Hands Bookstore

Indie Bookstore Campaign

Join the Indies First Movement Today!

Specialty Retailers Who Sell Books (2017)

36 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love

What’s In It for Indie Booksellers?

Internet Marketing Tips and Resources

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