Meme and GIF Resource Sites

Here is a list of websites that make it easy to create funny and viral memes and GIFs.

Cartoonize — Create cartoon-like images from any photo. Alexa: 76,381 in October 2017.

Eclipse Crosswords: — An Windows downloadable program for creating crossword puzzles. Alexa: 607,176 in October 2017.

EZ GIF — Allows you to make GIFs from images or videos as well as optimize GIFs, jpgs, and pngs. Alexa: 4,776 in October 2017.

Flixel: — A downloadable app for MacOS and iOS to create cinemagraphs (repeating videos that showcase movement in only part of the video, somewhat like a GIF). See an example at the bottom of this page. Cost: $199 per year.

FotoJet — An all-in-one free online tool for photo editing, graphic design and photo collage. Alexa: 19,483 in October 2017.

Gif Bin: — Allows you to embed many gifs without hosting them on your website. Alexa: 63,037 in October 2017.

GifGifs: — Offers the following tools: GIF resizer, GIF optimizer, GIF crop, GIF reverser, Rotate GIF, Add text to GIF, JPEG optimizer, PNG optimizer, Split GIF. Also offers free animated GIFs. Useful tools! Alexa: 144,074 in October 2017. — You can make GIFs from a series of images or from a video you upload. Lots of flexibility. Alexa: 22,033 in October 2017.

GIFPaint: — Allows you to paint your GIFs. A neat way to stand out in a different way. But not a lot of flexibility. Alexa: 6,418,580 in October 2017. — Allows you to create trailers of videos as well as GIFs. Alexa: 20,529 in October 2017.

Giphy: — Features the latest trending GIFs on the Internet. It also allows you to create GIFs: Alexa: 484 in May 2020. Below is a GIF I created with this website. This site is now owned by Facebook and being integrated into Instagram.

1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Graffiti Creator: — Allows you to design any words in graffiti-style. Choose from several different font styles and cool tools to make any text look like fancy graffiti. For personal use only. Alexa: 110,422 in October 2017.

Img Flip: — They claim to have the fastest meme generator on the planet: They also allow you to create animated GIFs from video files or YouTube: And to make pie charts: And demotivational posters: Alexa: 3,975 in December 2016.

Imgur: — A directory of the most viral images on the Internet, sorted by popularity. Meme Generator: Video to GIF: Alexa: 53 in December 2016.

Know Your Meme: — A website dedicated to documenting Internet phenomena: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more. Allows you to explore new and popular memes. On some memes, they make it easy to create a new version of the meme yourself. Alexa: 1,881 in December 2016.

Logo Maker:

Book Marketing Success Podcast

Meme Creator: — Make and share memes. Alexa: 120,279 in December 2016.

Meme Creator exists to help users of the interwebs make memes online to express their creativity and ideas through images. You can select one of the existing funny meme templates on our site or upload one of your own to make a new meme. Meme’s often trend when they’re funny or have a message that people can relate to. Usually people generate memes to express their ideas, opinions or humor related to current events in the news and media whether on a local or international scale. It’s always important to share your memes on social networks, that way your idea can spread and be seen by the world.

Meme Generator: — Allows you to make simple memes. Alexa: too new to be ranked in December 2016. Check out this Book Marketing Meme I created using this generator:

Meme Maker: — None of the links on this website work anymore (as of December 2016). Alas. Alexa: 14,849,306. Check out this Month of Thanksgiving Meme I created using this generator:

MemeBase: — A directory of popular recent memes. Alexa: 2,659 in December 2016.

Memegenerator: — Allows you to create new memes based on popular meme characters and images. Alexa: 10,506 in December 2016.

Memes Happen: — Features popular memes and the ability to create memes. Alexa: 303,452 in December 2016.

Mirror Effect: — Allows you to create mirror images of any image. Cool effect. Alexa: 496,071 in February 2017.

Movie Clappers: — Create a movie clapper image customized to your topics or keywords. Alexa: 2,085,352 in February 2017.

Net Animations: — Animated gifs, moving clip art, sounds, songs and videos from from various forum, search and web sources. Alexa: 157,549 in December 2016.

Online Image Editor — This online editor allows you to resize and crop animated GIF images, add text to animated GIFs, make a GIF with their GIF maker, add borders, add a mask or picture frame, and more. Also allows you to add speech bubbles, rain GIFs, glitter text, and more. Alexa: 14,660 in December 2016.

Below is a heart cutout featuring my 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Real World Edition that I created with this online editor.

I Love 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

PicGifs — Lots of great GIFs you can download. Plus you can create your name with various dazzling alphabets (like my name below). Alexa: 62,703 in December 2016.

John Kremer in dazzling lights

Quick Meme: — Showcases the hottest and best memes. Also lets you caption your own meme using popular memes: Alexa: 7,747 in December 2016.

Reflection Maker — Allows you to make reflections of any images. Alexa: 2,991,438 in February 2017.

Stripe Generator: — Allows you to make striped images for use as background tiles, frames, etc. You can also create a topical profile on the site. Alexa: 477,268 in February 2017.

The just for fun GIF on the right is from GIFbin . . .

Tartan Maker: — Allows you to create various tartan patterns in any color. Lots of flexibility. Alexa: 1,933,708 in February 2017.

Tenor: — The most popular GIF website and app. Alexa: 62 in May 2020. Now owned by Google.

Venngage Motto: Make Infographics That People Love. Download for free: The Most Epic Guide to Social Media Visuals: Make optimized video memes in just a few minutes. Then save as GIF, or export your video to fit any social media platform—Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more. Just hit Download, and you’re ready to share.

Water Effect: — Allows you to create a water ripple mirror image of any graphic image. Alexa: 771,481 in February 2017.

We Know Memes: — They also feature viral memes, lists, videos, GIFs, and comics. Alexa: 49,435 in December 2016. They used to have a meme generator but it wasn’t working in December 2016.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park cinemagraph

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