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Book Editing, Proofreading, and Indexing

Correcting GrammarBook Editing Services: Book Editors, Indexers, Proofreaders, Ghostwriters, Book Doctors, and More

Book Title Critiques

Can a Bad Book Be Sold with a Good Marketing Plan?

Cut the Passive Voice Via Zombies!

Editing to Save Puppies – and Your Book

An Example of a Great Book Dedication

The Fantasy Life of a Professional Editor

Grammarly: Top 10 Grammar Pet Peeves

Hate Editing? Tools to Help Speed Up the Process

How Do I Get My Books Published?

How to Establish an Effective Working Relationship with an Editor

Jonathan Gunson: Punctuation Is Powerful

The Number One Rule in Arguments

Punctuation: Do You Know Your Shit?

You Need an Editor for Your Book

Your Grammar New Year’s Resolution

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