Self-Publishing Tips

Are you thinking of self-publishing a book? Do you want to be successful as a self-publisher? Would you like to self-publish a bestselling book?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, here are some of our key blog posts featuring self-publishing tips, resources for self-publishers, and self-publishing success stories. Enjoy! And learn!

5 Keys to Self-Publishing Mini-Course

Lesson 1 – Self-Publishing Tips: 5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success (blog post)

Lesson 2 – Self-Publishing Tip: Get a Great Cover Design (quotegraphic)

Lesson 3 – John Kremer’s 13 Keys to Self-Publishing (tipographic)

Lesson 4 – SlideShare: 5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success (slideshow)

Lesson 5 – Video: The Five Keys to Self-Publishing Success (video)

Lesson 6 – Book Marketing Success Podcast #9: The Five Keys to Self-Publishing Success (podcast)

Lesson 7 – Self-Publishing Survey (survey)

Facebook Self-Publishing Poll

Twitter Self-Publishing Poll

Lesson 8 – Self-Publishing Q&A: A Self-Publishing FAQ (Q&A or FAQ)

Bonus Lesson – Self-Publishing Tips: How to Become a Bestselling Book Author

Other Self-Publishing Tips

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M J Rose: Find 10 Readers Who Will Become Fans

Novelist Ricki Wilson Spotlights Other Authors via Indie Spotlight (a self-publishing tip)

Please Share: I Support Indie Authors and Self-Published Authors

Self-Publishers: You Carry the Passport to Your Own Happiness

Self-Publishing Resource: Hummingbird Digital Media: A New Ebook Retailing Platform

Self-Publishing Resources: Ebook Listing and Book Review Websites

Self-Publishing Resources: The Top 200 Book Printers

Self-Publishing the Right Way: Following Traditional Book Guidelines

Self-Publishing Tip: It Takes People to Make a Dream a Reality

Seth Godin: How Much Should an Ebook Cost?

Seth Godin on The Bestseller Effect

Slideshow Sharing Websites (5 Keys to Self-Publishing Slideshow syndicated to 5 key slideshow sharing websites)

Success Tips: How to Hire Smart When You Self-Publish

10 Tips to Write and Self-Publish Your First Ebook

What’s In It for Booksellers?

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