Animated Welcome Characters Done For You

On this page, you’ll see an animated welcome character where I used a 3-D animated character along with my voice recording. These animated characters are a great way to welcome visitors to your website and draw their attention to your services, your books, or special features on your website.

As a bonus, they also help to keep visitors on your page a little longer.

Note: I just bought a new program that allows me to put these speaking characters onto any website. Check it out at any of these websites (where the audio is generated by text-to-speech with very human-like voices.

And here’s a welcome video to the Birds and Blades Twitter page, a neat touch. But it only works from the link below. If someone came directly to your Twitter page, they would not see the welcome video. (This welcome video uses a professionally recorded audio, the same audio used for the welcome video at

As you look at these welcome videos, you’ll see that each is a little different and customized to a particular website.

I can create a similar welcome video (or sales video!) for your website and give you the code to add it to your website home page or via a WordPress plugin to all pages on your website (with a setting to play the video just once per visit, a key to keeping your visitors happy).

These welcome videos I created play only once per visit, and will play on the first page of the site that a person visits (and won’t play again).

If you would like me to create one or more for your websites, click on the links below:

One animated welcome character video for $30 (using your words)

Two animated welcome character videos for $50 (using your words)

In creating a welcome video or sales character for you, I need the following information from you:

  • The welcome text or sales pitch you want the character to make. Keep it short, just four to six lines at most.
  • You can send the text to me in two ways: as plain text for use with the text-to-speech generator or as an audio recording of your voice (or a friend’s voice).
  • You need to let me know which 3-D animated avatar you want to use (see characters in images below). These are the characters currently available; more will be available soon.

You can place your order for one or two videos by clicking on the appropriate link below:

One animated welcome character video for $30

Two animated welcome character videos for $50

You only need one welcome character per website unless you want to create specific welcome videos for specific pages. For example, I created one welcome video for the main page of this website (and this page as well) and a second welcome video for my self-publishing tips and resource page at

And here’s a welcome video for my book sales page on this website. I think you’ll like the way I did this:

I’m sure you can think of ways to use these welcome videos on your website.

Animated Video Characters

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