Book Marketing Tip of the Week: May 24, 2013

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

May 24, 2013 – Automobile Repair Shop Birthday, Ave Maria Birthday, Insomnia Day, National Escargot Day, National Missing Children Day, No Taxation Without Representation Day, Wonder Bread Birthday, Scavenger Hunt Day, Wild Hearts Day, U.S. Passenger Railroad Day

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Connect with Magazines and Get Featured in Print

Do you want to be featured in magazines? Why not write about or comment upon articles from the magazine? The editors often feature such comments in future issues of the magazine.

For example, here are a few reactions of bloggers to recent stories in Elle magazine (all reactions were featured in the June issue of Elle):

Willow Smith is like, nine, right? Just checking. The girl is talented, but I’m not sure I would classify her as a woman in music just yet… just sayin’. – Marc,

I’m really getting sick of you Willow haters. Why don’t you people just admit that Willow is charismatic and different, and just move on? Instead of this endless whining about how young she is…okay, I get it!!! – Mann,

I love her honesty. She admits to being vain (and really what celeb isn’t) and she’s honest about how hard she has to work to keep her figure, etc. So many celebs are such liars about that stuff.
Turquoise Blue, (on Gwen Stefani)

Now, read a few magazines related to your book’s topic or audience. Then pick out an article or two to write about on your blog. It may take a few such blog posts before you get a hit in the print magazine, but you will eventually get a hit if you write something interesting or controversial. Be bold. Be interesting. Speak up. Keep blogging.

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