Book Marketing Tips: 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback on how I should publish 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.

I prefer publishing 1001 Ways to Market Your Books as two books: a Real World Edition and a Digital World Edition. Separately, each book would be published for $27.95 and be available as either a paperback book or an ebook (in various formats).

I can publish the Real World edition of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books within two weeks, again as both a printed book and an ebook. Price: $27.95. I will do that.

The Digital World Edition will take me 4 to 6 months to finish writing. When I am done writing it, I will publish it as both a printed book and as an ebook. Price: $27.95.

Both will be about 640 pages in length. There will be no duplicate content in the two volumes.

If I were to publish only one 900-page book, I would have done so by really cutting down the part about marketing via the internet and social media.

By publishing two 640-page books, the Digital World edition will include a lot more detail about internet marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and much more.

The Real World edition includes a lot of tips that will be valuable to anyone marketing books, ebooks, audio, video, apps, or other information or entertainment products. Note: You really do have to market ebooks in the real world as well as on the internet.

The Real World edition includes how to open new markets, how to do publicity, how to advertise, how to direct market your books, how to work with bookstores to sell more books, how to sell to schools and libraries, how to sell your book or ebook internationally, and how to sell rights to your book or ebook.

The Digital World edition will include lots of tips on how to sell books, ebooks, audio, video, apps, or other information or entertainment products via the internet, social media, and mobile marketing. It will not be just about marketing or selling ebooks, but about selling anything on the internet or via social media and mobile marketing.

The Digital World edition includes tips on building a website, marketing a website, doing a blog, marketing with videos, mobile marketing, podcasting, internet memes, crowdfunding, book launches, selling on Amazon, and social media (in all its forms). Plus it will teach you how to develop relationships with top websites so your book, blog, website, and social media get more traffic (and sales). Even more, it will talk about the impact of new technologies just becoming available or will be available soon – and how you can use those to sell books and ebooks as well.

The Digital World edition will be available as both a paperback book and an ebook for $27.95.

But, you can right now buy both books for only $59.95 as a package. You will get the Real World edition right away as a print book or an ebook (your choice). You will also get the Digital World edition in four to six months as a print book or an ebook (your choice) – just as soon as I finish writing that edition.

In the meantime, you will get sections of the Digital World edition as I complete writing them. These will be made available to you as PDF downloads.

So the $59.95 package includes the Real World edition (print or ebook), the Digital World edition (print or ebook), and the PDF downloads as I write the Digital World edition.

Again, you can buy that package now!

1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Real World print edition: $27.95 plus $8.00 S&H —

1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Real World ebook edition as a PDF: $27.95 —

Note: A Kindle version will be available on soon!

1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Megabundle Package (Real World edition, Digital World edition, and Digital World PDF downloads): $59.95 (includes S&H) — 64071&qty=1

I have a favor to ask of all of you. As you may or may not know, I’ve been working on a new edition of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. But now I have a big question I need answered by you.

1001Ways300How should I publish 1001 Ways to Market Your Books?

1. As a 900-page book that won’t be released until much later this year. Price: $39.95 or higher depending on the ultimate length.

2. As two 600-page books: 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Real World Edition, which can be published in a week or so. And 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Digital World Edition (all about marketing ebooks and marketing via the internet, social media, etc.), which would be published towards the end of this year. Price: $27.95 each book.

3. As two 600-page books as in #2 above, but where I release the Digital World Edition in pieces as I complete them. I can release at least 100 pages in the next week or so. Price: $39.95 for both books, with the Digital World Edition being released in segments before being released in a complete edition when I’m finished.

Let me know which option you would like, and tell me why you would like that option over the other two. You can be short and sweet.

Email me at


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