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Jeff Walker, founder of the Product Launch Formula program, recounts in this video how his marketing has changed in the past two years. During that time, he has released about one video each week. These videos, he asserts, have helped him market his program and website far more effectively than blogging written words.

Publishing content via video is the key to driving real connections with your audience.

As Jeff notes in the video, the content you share via video doesn’t always have to be related to the products you sell or the services you offer. They simply have to connect with your audience. That’s enough to keep the connection you have with your audience.

John’s Comments:

Of course, the videos you share every week must be ones you make, sharing content that is meaningful to your target audience. Jeff uses his smartphone to shoot his videos. He’s shot videos on the beach, in his kitchen, on the deck of his home, and other informal locations. Simple, easy to shoot, effective.

All you have to do is be consistent: one video every week. 5 minutes or less. Speak from your heart. Don’t worry about being perfect. Shoot and share. Let me know when you share your first video this week.

Note to novelists: If you want to make a video a week and share it with your potential audience, a quick and easy format is this: Read from your novel. Read the juicy parts. Read the parts that will suck your readers in. Always end with a cliffhanger or a smile.

Let people enjoy your novel a bit at a time while they drink their morning coffee.

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