We Heart It: Mixing Pinterest and StumbleUpon

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We Heart It is a social network with an Alexa ranking of 1,176 (that means it has tons of visitors). It combines elements from Pinterest and StumbleUpon to create a new social network, but with no words at all, except for the collections you create and get to name with words (something like Pinterest boards or StumbleUpon lists).

To give you an idea of what We Heart It looks like, check out these images from my hearted images.

The top one features a static shot of my latest hearted images, while the one below it features a scrolling shot of my latest hearted images.

Note: You can upload images to We Heart It from your computer, heart an image from your website (or any other website, including Facebook!), or simply heart the images you discover on We Heart It. But here is a key point: When you or a visitor heart an image from your blog or website, a link to your blog post or website article is included with the image so when someone clicks on your image in We Heart It, they are taken to your website.

You can come back later this week or next week, and the images in the two widgets above will have changed — if I’ve hearted more images in the meantime.

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