Book Marketing Question: Am I Aiming Too Low in My Book Marketing?

Book Marketing Question: Am I aiming too low in my book marketing efforts?

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Answer:

If nobody laughs at your dreams, you are probably aiming too low. — Art Jonak

If you don’t laugh at your own dreams, at least some of the time, you are also probably aiming too low. Have fun. Dance. Enjoy. Keep aiming higher. — John Kremer

I think too many authors spin their wheels, especially with worry, procrastination, and disillusionment.

Here’s Is My Book Marketing Recommendation:

Do something every day to market your books, even if only for a few minutes. Don’t give up. Have fun. Dance.

Here’s a key tip on how to market your books: If you don’t have fun, your audience will not have fun. And they won’t buy your book. And they won’t talk about your book. And they won’t join your tribe. And they won’t create the word-of-mouth that sells 80% of all books.

Now leave here. Go do something to market your book.

And smile, laugh, dance, or play while you do it.

Book Marketing Advice: Have Fun Marketing Your Books

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