Mignon Fogarty: Why Book Authors Should Build Apps

Grammar Girl

Matt Gartland, founder of Winning Edits, has begun a new podcast series called AuthorMBA, where he interviews bestselling authors on their latest strategies.

In this podcast, he interviews Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty about her popular podcast, bestselling books, and new Grammar Pop iPad app. One key tip from this podcast: Book authors should seriously consider building software products like apps. She’s not focused on writing books now, but in building apps.

Grammar Pop iPad appShe favors ebooks vs. print books because they are so easy to buy and download. She also favors the iPad over the Kindle.

Also, as part of her new strategy, she’s working to make more money via iPad apps and not just relying on books or her podcast (http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl).

Note: Her books now account for 50% of her income (after earning out her advances) and she also gets significant income from podcast advertising.

Check out her new Grammar Pop iPad app here: http://www.grammarpop.com

Or buy her new Grammar Pop app here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/grammar-pop-hd/id666851934.

For more about the Game Salad iPad app development system, go here: http://www.gamesalad.com.

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