Novel Tip-o-Graphic: The Most Dangerous Diseases Today

John Graves, author of the fascinating dystopian Death by Design, the first novel in The Tracker Series, has a wonderful mind for creating interest in his novel. Here is the eighth of a good number of tip-o-graphics that focus on various issues related to the thriller’s topic.

Can you create lists like the ones John Graves creates for his tip-o-graphics to target readers of thrillers? In this graphic, he focuses on the most dangerous and the deadliest diseases.

Deadly Diseases tip-o-graphic via The Tracker Series by John Graves

What Are the Most Dangerous Diseases Today? Ebola, Lassa, Smallpox, Anthrax, MERS, Marburg, Dengue fever, Fungal diseases, Listeria? Tracker will use them all in her quest for the ultimate destruction of all humanity. Read Death by Design by John Graves to learn her horrifying tale!

Dangerous Diseases tip-o-graphic via The Tracker Series by John Graves

Check out The Tracker Series here: What Are the Most Dangerous Diseases Today?

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Novel Tip-O-Graphic: What Are Mankind’s Greatest Threats?

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