Social Media Marketing: Pinterest Podcast

Have you started to be active on Pinterest (or interested in beginning to be active)? If so, then check out this interview by Michael Stelzner where he interviews Vincent Ng, host of the Pictures to Profits podcast and author of Pinterest Marketing: How to Search Optimize Your Pins and Boards for Pinterest.

To learn how to use Pinterest more effectively to market your books, products, and services, check out this free webinar:

Alas, the podcast is no longer available. Too bad.

Social Media Marketing: Pinterest Podcast

Pinterest Marketing Tips

Many people now bypass Google and use Pinterest to search for lifestyle products and tips. Why? Because Pinterest content is curated by actual users so the results are of much higher quality than algorithmic search results.

Learn how to lay out your images to create the most impact on Pinterest.

High-quality images present information that can be processed quickly and easily.

Learn how to drive traffic to your website with a pin.

Pins that come from websites that get pinned often have more credibility (and get seen more often in the Pinterest smart feed).

Three Tips for Getting Noticed on Pinterest

1. Create attractive vertical images that can be viewed on desktop computers as well as mobile phones and tablets. Since mobile usage is a high percentage of Pinterest activity, optimizing for mobile is a great strategy. Also, note that attractive images will stand out from all the images passing through Pinterest users’ timelines.

2. Pin regularly. Spend some time every day on Pinterest. 10 to 15 minutes is enough time to pin, repin, like, and comment as you build followers and repins. Note: The Pinterest smart feed favors those who pin regularly and pin great images.

3. Add a Pin It button to your site. Make it easy for website visitors to pin your images by providing one or more Pin It buttons (and other social media share buttons) on every blog post and page.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins (Pinterest Advertising)

Promoted Pins, the advertising platform for Pinterest users (, requires you to apply. Note: It is now available only to U.S. businesses.

To apply for Promoted Pins, first create a pin and submit it to Pinterest for approval. Once that pin is approved, you will have access to Pinterest’s advertising program. As part of the ad program, you will have to follow Pinterest’s rules and regulations.

You pay a cost per click with promoted pins. But the good news is that you to pay for repins so your ad can go viral.

As Pinterest announced in a recent blog post:

We’re planning to make major upgrades to Promoted Pins, including new brand ad formats and more advanced targeting. We’re committed to making Pinterest the best place for you to inspire your customers and see measurable results from your marketing.

That’s why we’re happy to announce the Pinstitute, a new program for businesses to learn how to connect with Pinners and see an even greater return from Pinterest.

The Pinstitute will focus on two tracks: creative and measurement. You’ll learn what kind of Pins perform well, what Pinners care about and how we’re thinking about our products in the future. We’ll also get your feedback on what you’d like to see us do so we can help you get even better results from Pinterest.

For our small businesses, we’re planning a series of webinars and other online learning tools so all of our partners see success on Pinterest.

As they note in the blog post (,

Promoted Pins sometimes perform better than organic pins and often just as good.

Brand advertisers achieved a 30% increase in earned media from their campaigns.

The average pin is repinned 11 times. The same is true for Promoted Pins.

Promoted Pins perform long after a campaign ends, with a 5% bump in the month following a campaign.

Ads work outside Pinterest’s core categories. So ads for financial services and automobiles work as well as those for food and fashion.

Pinterest’s auction-based Promoted Pins are offering major gains in traffic and impressions.

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