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Do you want to sell more books? Do you need help planning your book marketing strategy? Do you want to learn how to sell more books online with effective search engine optimization, email marketing, and website marketing? Do you want to know how to make your book a bestseller without breaking the bank?

My consulting fee is $600 per hour. You can ask for consulting for ten minutes, half hour, or an hour or more. Just email me at to schedule an appointment.

Or click on the Buy Now button below to book an hour appointment for half-price right now. One hour of book marketing consultation for only $300. That’s a great deal!

They say a fool takes a teacup to the ocean. I took my teacup to your Q&A session, just wanting to ask you about Kindle, and you gave me an ocean of wisdom about book marketing. Your Q&A was the most generous I have ever attended. Thank you. — Shar McBee, author of To Lead is to Serve and Joy of Leadership

Book marketing expert John Kremer consults in the areas of book marketing, book sales, book promotion, publicity, direct marketing, pricing, book titles, book covers, book marketing plans, book proposals, rights sales, and general planning for book publishers of all sizes as well as for individual authors. While most of John’s consulting is done over the phone, he also provides on-site consulting services.

Among other services, he provided the strategy that took Deepak Chopra from a vanity press author to being on the New York Times bestseller list eight times. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul, credit John’s book, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, as the guiding light for their rise to bestseller status.

As a book marketing consultant, his clients include a self-published author who has sold over two million books, a new age publisher with 60 titles, and a general publisher with a rapidly growing list of 1,500 titles.

John’s consulting clients have gotten stories in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Family Circle, Playboy, Scientific American, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Reader, as well as been featured on Oprah, Today Show, Fresh Air, All Things Considered, and many other local and national broadcast shows.

“My meeting with John Kremer was one of the most important factors contributing to the success of my self-published international bestsellerSeeds of Deception. At his advice, I found the ideal distributor, started my institute, made important changes in the book, and confidently set up the marketing plan that has sustained me for years. I recommend to everyone who asks me about writing or publishing a book to speak with John.” — Jeffrey Smith, author and publisher of Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating

To book a consultation, email John at or call 575-751-3398

John’s Book Promotion Coaching Services . . .

I love guiding and helping authors, publishers, self-publishers, Internet marketers, and ebook producers.

If you need to ask me questions, you have three options:

1. Free. I host regular consulting calls where anyone can join in to ask me questions. No charge. I stay on the line until every question is answered. I will announce the phone number to call in and the website URL to access before the call. The announcement will be made in my free Book Marketing Tip of the Week email newsletter. You can sign up for that at the top right of almost any page on this website.

2. Personal Consultation. I charge $600 per hour for the most power-packed book marketing consultations available anywhere in the universe. That’s what users tell me. To book a one-hour consultation, email me at or call 575-751-3398.

“The knowledge you bring is extremely valuable. You have what Yogi Berra referred to as deep depth and that’s worth a lot.” — Rick Maurer

3. Critiques: Since book covers, book titles, and news releases are critical to any book marketing plan or book sales success, I offer critiques that go right to the heart of the matter and tell you how to make your covers, titles, or news releases better — better in helping you sell more books!

Book Cover Critique: $150. I’ve watched key book wholesalers, chain store buyers, and producers of major TV shows pick up a book and make an instant decision on the book WITHOUT opening the book. How important is your book cover? Without a good one, your book won’t sell. I’ll help you to pass that First-Look Test. All for only $150. Each critique includes a 15-minute feedback session via telephone.

“As a publisher on a budget, I can confidently say that consulting with John on the cover of The Way of Leading People: Unlocking Your Integral Leadership Skills was the best money I spent promoting my book. John provided me with clear, concise feedback while making several valuable marketing suggestions.” — Tim Warneka, founder, Asogomi Publishing International

“This was the best investment I’ve made on my book.” — Sandra Lewis, publisher, My Health Record

To book a book cover critique, click here: Book Cover Critique:

Book Title Critique: $150. While a book title critique is included in the book cover critique, I’ve often had to tell people to go back to the drawing board completely because their title was all wrong. If you are looking to brand your book or want to create a bestseller, a book title critique will help you to create a bestselling book before you hire a cover designer (and spend up to $3,000 on a cover with a bad title). Each critique includes a 15-minute feedback session via telephone. More details:

News Release Critique: $300. I see dozens of news releases every day. Few make the grade. Most are uninteresting, unnewsworthy, and product-oriented. What does it take to sell books with a good news release? In a 15-minute phone call, I can give you feedback on your news release to help you make it one that sells books.

“I want to thank you again for your generous help with our press release problem. The responses we’ve gotten for our latest release are much better than what I’m used to. A large percentage of that is (obviously) due to your suggestions.” — Thomas Shelby, publicist, Hohm Press

To book a critique, send me your news release via email along with the best time to call you within a few days. Each critique includes a 15-minute feedback session via telephone as well as a rewrite by John to create a news release that gets attention and makes sales. For more details, see

John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

John Kremer’s Background

John Kremer is an acknowledged publishing expert who can answer all your questions on book publishing and marketing. Besides being the owner of his own publishing company (Open Horizons in Taos, New Mexico), he was the editor of the Book Marketing Update newsletter for more than twenty years.

John is the founder of the Institute on Book Publishing Innovations as well as The Book Marketing Network social network for book authors and publishers (

As a book promotion expert, John is also the author of a number of books on publishing and marketing, including 1001 Ways to Market Your Books: For Authors and Publishers (6th Edition), Book Marketing Magic, Real Fast Book Marketing, 15,000 Eyeballs Internet Marketing Program, The Complete Direct Marketing Sourcebook, High Impact Marketing on a Low Impact Budget, and Celebrate Today.

He has also designed the Do-It-Yourself Book Publicity Kit and databases of the Top 700 Booksellers and Public Libraries.

John Kremer has spoken at book publishing, marketing, and publicity seminars in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Denver, Boulder, Tucson, Portland, Seattle, Bellevue, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Toronto, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Phoenix, Saint Louis, Kennebunkport, Atlanta, Fresno, Indianapolis, Nashville, West Palm Beach, Saint Petersburg, Melbourne, Alexandria, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Sacramento, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Des Moines, Cleveland, Omaha, Calgary, London, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and many other cities.

His speeches have ranged from half-hour talks on book marketing to two-hour sessions on getting national publicity to three-day seminars on how to open new markets for your books.

What People Are Saying . . .

“For the past few years I’ve been asking John Kremer’s advice on handling the complexities of the book publishing business. Here are two examples where his advice and experience has proven invaluable. When sales of the hardback edition of one of my books stalled (even after receiving wonderful reviews), John suggested that I work with the publisher to repackage and revise the material in the form of a paperback. He explained exactly how I should pitch the idea and exactly what to say to the publisher. His strategy resulted not only in a second chance for the book but an additional advance! The revised edition quickly ate through both advances and I eventually received several royalty checks before the paperback finally went out of print.

“Then, more recently, when I found myself without an agent, I called John to ask him the best way to get an agent. He told me to call everyone who I knew who might know a good agent, especially people whom I had interviewed (for articles and such) who had bestselling books. I did as he suggested, separating my possible sources into “A”, “B”, and “C” depending on the likelihood that they’d have a good contact. By the time I had called everyone on the “A” list, the name of one agent had come up twice. I sent him an email describing myself and my work (with which he was familiar) and now I’m being represented by one of the top agents in the country. Thanks John!!!” — Geoff James, author of Success Secrets from Silicon Valley and The Tao of Programming

“John Kremer gave the most consistent excellent, practical advice. It was my first time to see or hear him. I thought he distinguished himself as someone who might be worth paying to consult with. You know that’s high praise out of my thrifty mouth!” — Lisa Reid, Ferguson-Carol Publishers

“After studying all the self-publishing books and putting together a business plan and marketing plan, I still had questions which could only be addressed by the voice of experience, such as how to time the whole process. The e-mail lists have been a terrific help in this respect. Nevertheless, sometimes there is nothing like talking one-on-one with an experienced individual. In addition, John offered several ideas for marketing which were specific to my type of book. I’m certain these will more than pay for the consultation. …

“For a new publisher like myself it was just what I needed to put all the pieces together. As for the more experienced publisher, I’ll bet he could give you a few ideas to spark your promotional efforts.” — Brian Scott, Systematic Publications and Media

“I love your book (1001 Ways) by the way (with the innovative marketing ideas). I am trying to get my money saved because many have said a consultation with you is worth every penny and more.” — Debra Cohen, author, Gems of Wisdom: Quotes to Ponder

“So thanks again. I guess I might as well say that I think that you’re an amazing guy. You have an uncanny ability to find out the needs of countless number of authors you have advised and counseled so that individually we feel you’ve tuned into us. Yet your ideas have a universal appeal. One of my areas of interest is in creativity. You certainly have a most unusual creative spirit. You come up with ideas so spontaneously and offer them so easily and warmly it’s like you’ve been thinking of the subject forever. And as I mentioned to you, I know how much you enjoy giving to others. Your laughter and good humor punctuate what you give.” — Marv

“John Kremer — He’s smart, creative and clever, and he knows how to help you sell books.” — Jon Bard, Editor, Children’s Writing Update!

Click on the Buy Now button below to book an hour appointment for half-price during Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) in November, 2018.

About John Kremer

John Kremer is author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, the Relationships Matter Marketing program, and many other books and reports on book marketing, Internet marketing, social media, and book publicity. -- .

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