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Press Release

It all starts with a good news release.

I see dozens of news releases every day. Few make the grade. Most are uninteresting, unnewsworthy, and product-oriented.

What does it take to sell anything with a good news release? In a 15-minute phone call, I can give you feedback on your news release to help you make it one that sells, sells, sells.

To schedule a critique, send me your news release via email along with the best time to call you within a few days. Each critique includes a 15-minute feedback session via telephone as well as a rewrite by John to create a news release that gets attention and makes sales.

I want to thank you again for your generous help with our press release problem. The responses we’ve gotten for our latest release are much better than what I’m used to. A large percentage of that is (obviously) due to your suggestions.” — Thomas Shelby, publicist, Hohm Press

John’s consulting clients have gotten stories in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Playboy, Scientific American, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Reader, as well as been featured on Oprah, Today Show, Fresh Air, All Things Considered, and many other local and national broadcast shows.

News Release Critique: $300

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News Release Lead Sentences

To get you started in writing your news release before the critique, here are some great lead sentences and paragraphs:

Have you ever wanted to tell God to go to hell?

Imagine if you will a novel that combines the fashion savvy of Sex and the City with the brassy British sense of humor in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Now, just for fun, throw in an Agatha Christie mystery, a Rough Guide travel book, and a steamy romantic passage or two from a Barbara Cartland novel. The result? Backpack by Emily Barr.

Would you like to live to be 100? It’s your choice: Live to be 60 with a 100-year-old body or live to be 100 with the body of a 40-year-old. All you have to do is change how you feed and care for your body.

In most people’s minds, life in the military does not seem very poetic. Where in the world of drill instructors, sharpshooters, and grunts is the stuff of poems?

Are you tired of not being heard? Would you like to inspire your fellow workers to greater success? Do you want to be known as the leader who gets things done? Then learn how to tell stories. If you know how to tell stories, you can communicate with anyone. And that is the key ingredient to success in any business.

Have you ever wondered how the story would have ended if the three little pigs were real? Would they have had loved ones to watch over them? What sort of home would they have had? Would they have been saved from the big bad wolf?

How did the guy who calls himself the laziest, most unemployable man in America start two companies that were both featured on Inc. magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing companies — one of them listed twice and ranked #2, and the other growing from a one-man operation to $300 million in sales and 1100 employees?

[John’s note: This question is too long. I’d probably have broken it down into a few questions.]

The numbers don’t lie: The under 25 age group is the fastest growing demographic
filing for bankruptcy. Teen credit card debt is at a record $500 million and student
loan debt tops $60 billion. The future for America’s youth is at a crisis point.

What’s even scarier: the majority of 16-22 year-olds have never taken a class in personal finance — all this in the wealthiest, most educated country in the world.

Picture this: Magnolias blossoming in the backyard, a gentle breeze coming through the open windows of the dining room, fine china on cool white linen — and a menu of Amaretto Punch, Scallop Martinis in Wasabi Cream Sauce, Red Pepper Bisque, Walnut and Garlic Linguine, Sweet Potato Muffins, and Chocolate Amaretto Truffles.

Or how about this? Sitting around the kitchen table, pots and pans still steaming, just the family — and the down-home goodness of Uncle Bud’s Seafood Gumbo, Gizrum and Turnip Greens, Chili-Cheese Rolls, and Peanut Caramel Cake for dessert.

Or a summer picnic on the banks of a slow-moving river, red-and-white checked blanket, the best of friends — and everything Southern: Southern Fried Chicken, Montgomery Black Bean Caviar, Corn Fritters, Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges, and Green Tomato Pie.

How are your news releases? Do they ask good questions? Do they tell great stories? Do they draw editors and readers into your pitch?

News Release Critique: $300

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News Release Rewrites

Here are a few links to some news release rewrites . . .

Original press release for a novel: Novel-Press-Release-old

(too much emphasis on the book rather than the story)

Revised press release for a novel: Novel-Press-Release-new

(more emphasis on the story, the terror, the possibilities of what will happen next)


Original press release for World Alzheimer’s Day tie-in for a memoir: Dementia-Press-Release-old

(too many points were covered in this news release)

Revised press release for World Alzheimer’s Day tie-in for a memoir: Dementia-Press-Release-new

(this news release focuses on the theme of the day: Faces of Dementia to encourage media to interview the author of a memoir)


Original press release for Big Wave Surfingbigwavesurfing-press-release-old

(again, too much emphasis on the book, not enough focus on one news angle)

Revised press release for Big Wave Surfingbigwavesurfing-press-release-new

(more emphasis on the issue; some short, more dramatic quotes)

Revised press release for Big Wave Surfing focused on the Middle East turmoil: bigwavesurfing-pressrelease-mideast

(a rewrite done by the client with coaching by me — which focused on the impact of big wave surfers on the Egypt overthrow and other Middle East political turmoil. Very good news focus.)


Original press release for a career book (written by the publisher): careers-Press-Release-old

(book focused and a lot of junky stuff about the publisher at the end of the press release that really drew the focus away from the book itself and to the publisher — not good for the author or the book)

Revised press release for a career book: careers-Press-Release-new

(When I interviewed the author, he told me a story about a man who found a job, one week at a time. Now that was news in this economy: the week-at-a-time job. I’d never heard anyone talk about the phenomenon in exactly that way, so we rewrote the news release to focus on this new phenomenon)

Use the above news releases and revisions as examples to help you rewrite your news releases for greater impact. If you still have trouble coming up with a good story line, then email me. I can help make your news release one that gets attention AND helps you sell more books – or products, services, ideas, and more!

News Release Critique: $300

To schedule a critique, sign up here by clicking the Buy Now button below:

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