Book Marketing Tip of the Week: 28 December 2012

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

December 28, 2012 – Chewing Gum Birthday, Eat Chocolate Day, Advent of the Bathtub in America, Festival of Fools, Fly Fly Away Day, Collective Work and Responsibility Day, National Quilter’s Day

In this issue . . .
– Book Promotion and Book Publicity Blog Posts
– Bookgraphics for Books and Authors

Book Promotion and Book Publicity Blog Posts

Here are 10 blog posts that should help you sell more books:

Books Can Change People’s Lives –

What Is Google AuthorRank and Why Should You Care? –

Michael Levine: The Five Most Persuasive Words in English –

Carl Sagan: Books Work Magic –

Dallas Clayton: An Awesome World of Book Marketing –

Mark Coker: eBook Publishing Predictions for 2013 – really good stuff here:

Cliff Ravenscraft: What You Need to Know to Start a Successful Podcast –

Famous Book Authors Who Died in 2012 –

Bookographics for Books and Authors
Here are 13 new infographics I’ve shared on my growing website at

The 7 Rules of Life via John KremerJohn Kremer: The 7 Rules of Life –

Bookographic – Bill Baxter: The Secrets to a Happy Marriage –

Infographic: Facts and Figures on Twitter Marketing –

Infographic: New Year’s Eve Celebrations in the U.S. –

Infographic: Social Network Use in the United States –

Infographic: Facts and Figures on Facebook Marketing –

Damn You Autocorrect: The 9 Best X-Rated Autocorrects in 2011 –

Infographic: Using LinkedIn to Its Fullest Potential –

Infographic: Facts and Figures about LinkedIn Marketing –

Sasha Alexander: What I’ve Learned From My Kids –

Infographic: 21 Predictions for eBook Publishing in 2013 –

10 Website Footers to Inspire Your Creativity in Designing Your Website –

Infographic: The On-Going Dramatic Shift to Visual Social Media –

Quotable Books

Bookstores don’t buy books (they simply rent them). It’s readers who buy books. So ask the real buyers to buy your book. Promote to them. – John Kremer, author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

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John Kremer is author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, the Relationships Matter Marketing program, and many other books and reports on book marketing, Internet marketing, social media, and book publicity. -- .

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