Book Marketing Tip of the Week: 31 October 2012

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

October 31, 2012November is Addictions Month, Food Bank Month, American Diabetes Month, Author Awareness Month, Clean Water Month, Body Image Awareness Month, Dine Across American Month,  Family Stories Month, Aviation History Month, Hip-Hop History Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, International Vegetarian Month

In this issue . . . - Join Me at JV Alert Live in Denver, Colorado, November 9 to 11 - Infographics of the Day: Internet Marketing and More - Book Promotion Blog Posts - <strong>new tips here!</strong> <strong>Join Me at JV Alert Live in Denver, Colorado, November 9 to 11</strong>

Imagine working on your project with people like: Ken McArthur, Joel Comm, Jack Zufelt, Glenn Dietzel, Ray Edwards, Rick Butts, Debbie Bermont, Daven Michaels, Jerry Foster, Larry Loik, Frank Sousa, Eric Holmlund, Robert Plank, Wally Waldron, Sharyn Abbott, Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts, Michael Krisa, Lee Collins and me.

You might not recognize all these names, but these are some of the top Internet marketing gurus around. And they are coming to find partners for promoting their products – and, in turn, to find other projects to promote – like yours.

But, even more important than that, you and I can spend some quality time together one on one. I know that we can come up with ways to work together that will make this new year great for both of us. If you sign up here, I’ll give you a free hour of consulting during the event.

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Infographic of the Day: Internet Marketing and More

Here are 13 new infographics I've shared on my new website at <a href=""></a>:

<img src="" alt="Creating Infographics" width="200" align="right" hspace="4" />

Increase Your Blog Post Views by Creating Infographics - <a href=""></a>

Kim Cohen Infographic: Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps - <a href=""></a>

Online Marketing is Failing with Consumers - <a href=""></a>

Infographic: 21 Types of Content Users Crave - <a href=""></a>

How Statistics Can Be Used to Deceive and Mislead - <a href=""></a>

20 Twitter Hashtags to Turn You Into a Rock Star - <a href=""></a>

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts - <a href=""></a>

Five Simple Tips to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business - <a href=""></a>

Content Marketing Metrics: How Online Marketers Are Measuring Content - <a href=""></a>

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Drive Revenue - <a href=""></a>

The Effect of Blogging Frequency on Website Traffic - <a href=""></a>

The Anatomy of a Perfect Website - <a href=""></a>

State of the Blogging World: 2012 Statistics - <a href=""></a>

<strong>Book Promotion Blog Posts</strong>

Here are 12 blog posts that should help you market your books:

Galley Cat Interviews Ron Martino of DeviantART – In this podcast, Ron covered some of the literary opportunities for book authors that are available via DeviantART (especially novelists, children’s book authors, and poets) Report: State of Online Advertising –

Pamela Herrman on How to Monetize Your Facebook Page –

Editing to Save Puppies … and Your Book –

Game Changers Radio Interviews John Kremer on Marketing Books –

Cut the Passive Voice Via Zombies! –

Boyd Morrison on Writing Thrillers and Self-Publishing –

Love Reading Helps Readers Find New Books –

Use the Shakespeare System of Ebook Promotion –

Guy Kawasaki on Books, Blogs, and Social Networks –

Joe Queenan on Books –

Author Tip: Facing the Fork in the Road –

Quotable Books
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