Book Marketing Tip of the Week: 6 November 2012

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

November 6, 2012 – Marching Band Day / I Love Nachos Day / Boob Tube Day / Marooned Without a Compass Day / Oral Herpes Day / The Universe in a Nutshell Day / Ultimate Frisbee Intercollegiate Day


In this issue . . .
– Speaking and Writing Books Go Hand in Hand
– Infographics of the Day: Internet Marketing and More
– Shelf Pleasure: A Destination Website for Women
– The Secret Seven and the Super Seven
– Book Promotion Blog Posts

Speaking and Writing Books Go Hand in Hand
A speaker without a book is a missed opportunity. But, an author who can’t speak to promote her or his book is a tragedy!

I’ve teamed up with literary agent Deborah Herman and Robin Jay, president of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, to offer a one-year listing under the all-new Authors page on the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau site.

A listing will help you to define yourself as an expert in your field. Plus you will gain admission to two special content-rich teleseminars where you will discover how to sell your book, promote it, and get hired for paid speaking engagements. Your bureau listing will be announced in an international press release, plus Robin will share the secrets for writing press releases that get read.

You’ll get all this and more. For details, click here:

Email to reserve your spot today in this special program. Listings are limited, so sign up now before the deadline on November 30th. Be sure to include all your contact information, and put “John Kremer-Bureau Listing” in the subject line so Robin knows to offer you the special discounted rate.

Infographic of the Day: Internet Marketing and More
Here are 10 new infographics I’ve shared on my new website at

How Much Time Does Business Spend on Social Media? –

Fail Messages for Some Major Websites – – You can use these sample fail messages from some high-traffic websites (Google wave, Reddit,, Tumblr, Digg) as inspiration to create your own wonderful and entertaining fail messages.

6 Keys to Standing Out in Social Media –

Social Sharing for Partisan Websites –

Check out this infographic for a two-step guide on monitoring and acting on social media conversations. Go beyond counting Likes and comments to uncover the deeper meaning of social conversations. –

Here are Pardot’s six favorite tech blogs: –

Here are Pardot’s five favorite social media blogs: –’s Election Heat Map (based on book sales) –

Facebook Psychology: Is Addiction Affecting Our Minds? #funny –

Great Content Marketing Blogs: The Content Strategist, Copyblogger, Content Marketing Institute, and Problogger –

Shelf Pleasure: A Destination Website for Women
Bookworms Kristen Weber and Stacy Michelle teamed up to create Shelf Pleasure (, a destination website for women who love to read and want to share their great finds.

Packed with fun and informative articles about books and authors, Shelf Pleasure launched a few weeks ago as a go-to source for the latest book news and trends. This dynamic online community features open forums, a monthly book club, and a place to connect with your favorite authors through interviews and live chats.

Still very low traffic, but this site might develop into something very good for authors, especially those who appeal to women. Check it out now and see if you can become a featured author.

The Super Seven: Book One

The Secret Seven and the Super Seven
The Secret Seven: Book One is no longer a secret. This special report features 75 magazine websites where you can get featured not only on the website but often in the magazine as well. I share plenty of insider tips on how to interact with each website and also how you can get featured in major magazines.

Not all 75 magazine websites are right for every author, but most book authors will find at least 3 to 6 sites that would be perfect.

Mind/body/spirit authors will find 30 to 40 magazine websites that could be interested in their books. Novelists will find at least a dozen websites. Business and political authors will find 5 or 10 perfectly targeted, high-traffic websites.

You can select the sites by their size of audience (as measured by Alexa) and by their relevance to your book. Only $12. Order Book One here:

The Super Seven: Pinterest – How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Book, Supercharge Your Website, and Build More Traffic to Your Blog or Website – $12. Order here:

Book Promotion Blog Posts
Here are 7 blog posts and Facebook posts that should help you write, publish, and market your books:

This is actually really good stuff. Bill Gates on Catalytic Philanthropy –

No matter how many quotes you read, song lyrics you hear, or how much you write your heart out, sometimes words just can’t describe how you feel. –

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. – Deepak Chopra

If you write a hundred short stories and they’re all bad, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You fail only when you stop writing. – Ray Bradbury –

Readers of good books today will be the writers of good books tomorrow! Teach your children to enjoy books. –

November is Picture Book Month: Why Picture Books Are Important –

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts. – Albert Einstein –

Quotable Books
Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep  moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. – Conrad Hilton

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