Book Marketing Tip of the Week: May 2, 2013

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

May 2, 2013 – May is . . . Internet and E-Commerce Services Month, Get Caught Reading Month, Fungal Infection Awareness Month, International Business Image Awareness Month, Labor History Month, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month, Museum Goers Month, National Correct Posture Month, National Military Appreciation Month, National Guy Pride Month, National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

In this issue . . .
– Market Your Books to Libraries
– Blog Posts on Book Marketing, Ebook Promotions, Writing Books
– Mind/Body/Spirit Retailers Featuring Books
– Hug An Author Today

Market Your Books to Libraries
Libraries are one of the most overlooked yet lucrative markets to sell your books, ebooks, and other information products.

Selling Books to LibrariesThere are over 120,000 U.S. libraries. Just think of the sales potential.

The problem is breaking into this market can seem difficult if not impossible. Librarian buying psychology is clearly much different than the rest of the marketplace.

But now my friend Elaine Wilkes is exposing the secrets to selling into the lucrative library market.

Why sell to libraries? Because sales are non-returnable, library users tell others about books they love, and you can sell a ton of books.

The neat thing is that Elaine has drastically lowered the price of her course to celebrate National Library Month in April (yes, I’m a little late in mailing this to you, but Elaine says she’ll extend the discount until the end of May.

Check out the details of all that Elaine offers in this course. Go here: (yes, that’s an affiliate link for a great program).

Blog Posts on Book Marketing, Ebook Promotions, Writing Books
6 blog posts and articles that should help you sell more books and ebooks:

HubSpot: 15 Brand-Spanking New Social Media Marketing Stats –

Blog Posts on Book Marketing, Social Media, and Speaking –

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Mind/Body/Spirit Retailers
Here are five mind/body/spirit retailers who sell books as well as other products:

Answers Bookstore, Sheila Anderson, Center for Spiritual Discovery, 560 S Melrose Drive, Vista, California 92081; 760-724-9170. Web: Mind/body/spirit bookstore.

The Chakra Shoppe, 5034 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60625; 773-271-3054. Email: Web: Mind/body/spirit bookstore and gift shop (crystals, incense, jewelry, gems, etc.).

For Heaven’s Sake Bookstore, 4900 West 46th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80212; 303-964-9339. Email: Web: Mind/body/spirit bookstore and gift shop.

Higher Shelf Bookstore, Mile Hi Church, 9077 W Alameda Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80226; 303-233-9351. New Thought, philosophy, religion, meditation, health, spirituality, and transformation.

Visions & Dreams, Suandra and Joseph Newberry, 2482 Newport Boulevard, Costa Mesa, California 92627; 949-650-6929. Mind/body/spirit bookstore and gift shop.

Hug An Author Today!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is driving traffic to websites featured there – blogs and websites featuring books, authors, and writing topics. It is itself already ranked on Alexa at 527,909 after less than five weeks! Hug an Author today. You can even hug yourself!

Quotable Books
Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts. – author unknown

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