The Gold Standard of Self-Publishing

Just a tidbit from: The word self-publishing spelled backward is gnihsilbupfles which is not a word.

Who would have even thought of spelling it backward?

Of course, there are many book authors who do self-publishing backwards.

There are two ways to write a book that will sell:

Write to fill a market. Do your keyword research. Find out what people want to buy. Then write a book to fill that need or desire. This is the backwards way of self-publishing.

Write to your passion. That means write books about the things you really love, the things you are passionate about, the things you think about all day. Write those books. Then publish them. You will sell a ton more books if you are passionate about your books. This is the forward way of self-publishing books.

Always move forward. Write and sell to your passion. If you love what you are writing about, you will always sell more books because you will take the time to publish and market the books you really care about.

Of course, the perfect world for marketing books is where you write to your passion and your book fills an incredible need in the marketplace of books. That’s the gold standard of self-publishing.

The Self-Publishing Gold Standard

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