Self-Publishing Hall of Fame

Here are some of the stories of book authors who became successful as self-publishers as well. In some of these self-publishing success stories, I’ll share their experiences and specific tips for self-publishing and marketing books. In other cases, I simply share why these people should be in the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame.

Self-Publishing Hall of Fame

Anonymous: New York Times Bestseller from Amazon Sales Only (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Will Bowen: To Market Your Book, Start a Movement (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Dallas Clayton: An Awesome World of Book Marketing (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Colleen Hoover: A New York Times Bestselling Self-Published Novelist

Dawn Ireland: On Postcard Marketing (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Carla King and the World of Motorcycling (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Michael J. Knowles — #1 Bestselling Blank Book (Self-Publishing Hall of Fame)

Jim Misko: How to Do a Statewide Book Tour for Your Novel (Self-Published Novelist Success Story)

Boyd Morrison: On Writing Thrillers and Self-Publishing (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Neil Ostroff: On Kindle Direct Publishing and Twitter (Self-Published Novelist Success Story)

Neil Ostroff: On Marketing Books Via the Internet (Self-Published Novelist Success Story)

John Penberthy: How to Sell $40,000 in Foreign Rights (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Diane Pfeifer: On Selling a Million Books a Year (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Derek Walcott, Nobel-Prize winning poet and playwright (Self-Publishing Hall of Fame)

Andy Weir: How to Create a Bestselling Novel (and Movie)! (Self-Published Novelist Success Story)

Milo Yiannopoulos, author of Dangerous Milo (Self-Publishing Hall of Fame)

Ernie Zelinski: Creative Book Marketing Strategies (Self-Publishing Success Story)

Ernie Zelinski: On Being an Amazon Bestseller (Self-Publishing Success Story)

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