7 Ways to Engage the Readers of Your Blog

The Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide by Scott ChristHere are 7 ways to engage your blog readers in becoming more active on your blog (and more active in interacting with you as well).

Scott Christ, author of The Ultimate Healthy Eating Roadmap and blogger at thehealthyeatingguide.com, asks readers who like his blog to take any or all of the following five actions:

1. Sign up for his blog feed. Click to be one of the first to know each time I post something new. This links to his blog feed: http://www.thehealthyeatingguide.com/feed.

2. Sign up for his email newsletter by completing the signup form.

Healthy Eating Guide newsletter

3. Buy a copy of his bookThe Ultimate Healthy Eating Roadmap.

4. Bookmark his site in your web browser and come back often. As he notes, I usually post a new article or recipe every couple days.

5. Help him spread the word socially, via sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or StumbleUpon.

Sharing Is Caring

Why don’t you implement these requests on some of your blog posts? It looks like he includes this 5-part action request on about 1 out of 10 blog posts he writes.

Of course, you could also request that same sort of action on your sidebar, as I do for the email newsletter subscription and via the subscribe by email request (for the blog feed).

And, of course, I include the social sharing buttons at the bottom of every post.

Come to think of it, here are two more action requests you can make of readers of your blog:

6. Ask for the social follow. A sixth thing you could request is for people to follow some of your social profiles, as I now do at the top of every blog post.

7. Ask them to comment on your blog posts.

By the way, do you know of other ways to engage readers more fully in reading and responding to your blog posts? If you do, please comment in the comment section below this post. Thanks!

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