Blogging How-to Information Sites

If you are new to blogging, here are a few websites and blogs that will help you get started as an active blogger.

18 Questions to Ask before Blogging

Blog Hosting Websites and Services:

Blog Search Engines and Directories:

7 Ways to Engage the Readers of Your Blog: — Here are 7 ways to engage your blog readers in becoming more active on your blog (and more active in interacting with you as well).

14 Experts, 14 More Blog Post Ideas: — When you can’t think about something to blog about, use these suggestions from 14 blogging experts to help you come up with a new blog post.

18 Questions to Ask Before Publishing Your Next Blog Post: — Here are 18 questions to ask yourself before you post your next blog post: What is the main point of this post? Have I made it clearly? Have I written something useful? . . .

21 Kinds of Content That Users Love:

27 Reasons to Start a Blog:

30 Experts Reveal Their #1 Tip for Blogging Growth: — Lots of good advice: make a plan, target a niche, build relationships, be authentic, focus on good content, etc.

95 DIY Bloggers, Food Bloggers, Beauty Bloggers, Garden Bloggers: — Features top bloggers writing about do-it-yourself, beauty, food, and gardens.’s Guide to Blogs:

The Blog Starter: — Offers a free step-by-step tutorial for people looking to start a blog.

Claim Your Blog on Bloglovin: — BlogLovin’ is a key directory of blogs. Get your listing there.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress: — A 27 step guide for beginners on how to create a business website with WordPress.

How to Make a Website: — This website provides a step-by-step tutorial for making websites and blogs.

How to Start a Blog: — Includes a free book and more about starting a blog. Check out their Bloggers Tools and Resources as well:

How To Start a Blog in 2017 (Step by Step Guide): — Features 9 steps to starting a blog.

How to Start a Business Blog That Attracts New Customers (Infographic)

Interesting Tools for You to Add to Blog Posts: — Embedly, GameSalad, and EkoStudio.

Ken Leebow: Why Authors Should Blog — The top reasons book authors should blog.

Make a Website Hub: — Info on how to create a website including choosing a platform, selecting a host, building the website, starting a blog, and more.

Michael Hyatt: How to Create Blog Content People Love: — In this episode of his Social Media Marketing podcast, Michael Stetzner interviews Michael Hyatt, author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

Michael Stelzner on How to Build a High-Traffic Website: — Michael Stelzner, founder of, talks about SME’s approach to content, what keeps visitors coming back, the tools they use to capture and grow their audience, and the future of content marketing.

The Power of Single-Author Blogs: — Michael Ellsberg interviews superstar blogger Tim Ferriss on the power of single-author blogs.

R C Allen Jr.: Blogs about Funerals to Sell His Novel: — On his site, R.C. hopes to grab the attention of new readers with his Funeral News blog.

Start a Blog 123: — Covers why to start a blog, what platform options you have, and how to get started.

Start Blogging Online: — Good tips on getting started with a WordPress blog.

Stella Togo: The 5-Minute Guide to Writing a Blog Post: — 7 tips on writing good blog posts.

Top 50 Book Marketing Blogs

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