Andrea Vahl’s Great Checklist for Facebook Pages

This is a great checklist from Andrea Vahl on how you should be creating, using, and linking to your Facebook Page. You should check off this checklist at least twice a year, if for no other reason than to be sure you’re updating your Facebook Page with your new products and services.

Andrea Vahl's Checklist for Facebook Pages

Here are the topics this Facebook Page Checklist features:

Facebook Cover Photo – Do you have a Facebook cover photo that draws people in? Is it professional looking?

Facebook Cover Benefit – Do you feature a benefit or tagline on your cover photo?

Facebook Cover Description – When you click on your Facebook cover photo, does Facebook take you to a description and link to your website?

I had to fix this for several of my Facebook Pages. It’s so easy to miss these little things.

Facebook Profile Photo – Is your Profile photo interesting, clear, and inviting?

Facebook Short Description – Is your Short Description that appears on your Facebook timeline clear? More important, can you see the link to your website?

This is something I had to fix on several of my Facebook Pages. My descriptions were too long so no one could see the clickable link. That’s fixed now.

Facebook Page About Section – Is your About section filled with benefits, keywords, and reasons why people should connect with you?

Facebook Apps – Do you have any Facebook Apps installed? Note: Facebook Apps allow you to offer contests, capture email addresses, and many other actions.

Facebook Emails – Do you have a Facebook App that captures emails of potential customers? When you capture email via Facebook, you get that customer’s best email.

Facebook App Covers – Have you created custom App covers for your Facebook Apps?

Facebook Engagement – Is your Facebook engagement over 2% (measured by People Talking About This divided by your total number of fans)?

Facebook Website Link – Is your website easy to find on your Facebook Page?

Facebook Posting – Do you post at least once a day during the week?

Facebook Comments – Are people commenting on or liking your posts?

Facebook Questions – Do you ask questions in some posts to encourage interaction?

Facebook Variety – Do you vary your posts between text, photos, or links?

Facebook Spam – Do you have unanswered posts, comments, or spam on your Timeline?

Facebook Tips – Are you sharing tips to benefit your audience?

Facebook Personal Profile – Are you using your personal profile to post business tips? Is your Personal Profile linked to your Facebook page?

Facebook Custom URL – Does your Facebook Page have a custom URL?

Facebook Ads – Do you spend money on Facebook ads?

Facebook Links – Do you link to your Facebook Page on your website? Is that link prominent?

I found this checklist incredibly valuable. It helped me update a number of my Facebook Pages — and insured that my pages function like I want them to function.

You should update your Facebook Pages regularly, especially to update your new activities within your pages’ About sections. You should also update your Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media profiles at least twice a year, if not more often.

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