Book Marketing Tip of the Week: 22 February 2013

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

February 22, 2013 – Washington’s Birthday

In this issue . . .
– Book Promotion and Internet Marketing Blog Posts
– Internet Marketing Infographics
– Are You Making Enough As An Author?

Book Promotion and Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Here are 13 blog posts that should help you sell more books:

Book marketing tips

The Essence of Book Marketing: Making Real Friends –

Pinterest Highlights: How Pinterest Users Interact on Pinterest –

Jay Abraham Interviews Brian Tracy –

Stephen King on Rewriting –

Testimonial: Relationships Matter Marketing Program –

Cool Cats Read Books and eBooks – #cats #ebooks #books

32 Great Reasons to Read a Good Book –

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting a tomato in a fruit salad. – and other daffynitions –

Your email newsletter becomes the conduit to the people you love (and the people who love you). That’s why you should have an email newsletter. Relationships Matter.

During a consultation today, I came up with this question: Where do you want your book to take you? That’s the most important question you can ask. And it should be the first question you ask when you start planning how you will market your book. Be sure you know the answer.

Brian Tracy: The Power of Asking –

Reading Bookmark: Books Give You a Better Perspective –

Writers on Writing: Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, and Mark Twain –

Internet Marketing Infographics
John Kremer: 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
Here are 16 blog posts that can help you sell more books and be more effective with social media and marketing via the Internet, among other things . . .

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Company Page –

Motivational Bookmark: Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart –

Valentine’s Reminder: Do Small Things with Great Love –

Motivational Bookmark: Always Laugh When You Can –

Pinterest Infographic: How Users Interact on Pinterest –

Motivational Bookmark: With Hard Work, There Are No Limits –

Mark Frauenfelder: How to Build a Compelling Blog –

Motivational Bookmark: How to Live Your Dreams –

9 Eye-Opening Statistics About Spam –

625 Do-It-Yourself Craft Ideas –

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising –

Happy Birthday YouTube: From Zero to 4 Billion Videos a Day –

Mike Dulberger: The True State of the Union –

Quotable Books

Books are uniquely portable magic. — Stephen King

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