Book Marketing Tips: Working with Bookstores

Here are a few excerpts from the new Real World Edition of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books:

Book Marketing Tip #1: Ship books fast, both to your direct customers and to bookstores. You don’t want to get this reputation: “Toyota can build a car faster than most publishers can figure out an order.” — a Hastings Store president

Dumb Publishers

Book Marketing Tip #2: Promote your sales history. One year after a book’s launch, Prentice-Hall made it a practice to send out extra covers of the book to key bookseller accounts. On the cover’s backside, they printed the book’s sales history—thus reminding booksellers how well they did with the book. You could do this for bookstores, wholesalers, bloggers, media editors, producers, and via your social media. Cool idea!

Book Marketing Tip #3: Feature booksellers! One year at BookExpo America, Learning Works displayed 300 paper dolls topped by photos of real booksellers. Not only did this attract the booksellers featured in the display, but it also was an implied endorsement by those booksellers of the books published by Learning Works.

1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Real World print edition: $27.95 —

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