Book Writing GIFs: Your Book Is Finally Published

This is the fourth section of a multi-part blog post on the book publishing process as seen through a series of 8 GIFs.

You’re finished with your part of the book. It’s been a year since you finished. And now you wait . . .

And wait . . .

You get your book cover proofs and you’re all okay with that.

But then publication day finally comes! The reviews start coming out. Come of the reviews are good! And you’re just so humble.

Now your book is published and people are reading your book. Incredible!

And it feels darn good. You bet!

And then there’s only one thing to do. Start the whole thing over again.

For the first part of this book publishing story via GIFs, click here:

For the second part, click here:

For the third part, click here:

Adapted from an old blog post created by Nathan Bransford, author of How to Write a Novel.

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