Bookseller Letters You Would Love to Get

Here are a few bookseller letters any author would like to get. When working with your local booksellers, ask them to write a letter endorsing your book. You can provide the blurbs below as samples to inspire them to write you a great testimonial quote:

“Wow, this book keeps walking out the door. Kids really want to learn how to open all the doors to Hollywood!”

“I have read hundreds of self-help books over the years. I have admired the work of Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Deepak Chopra, but Freedom to Love is now my Bible of inner transformation.”

“Unlike You Can Negotiate Anything and Getting to Yes, The Practical Negotiator applies to all areas of daily life, not just business. It reads more like an advice column than a professional textbook.”

The Red Flare makes a great birthday gift for friends over the age of 50.”

“We can’t keep this book on the shelves during the holiday season. People often buy multiple copies for their friends.”

“If you have customers who care about what happens in the Third World, they’ll love this book.”

“My regular customers who are therapists love this book. They often buy multiple copies.”

“We keep a copy of Laughter: The Drug of Choice in the back room for when we need a break. It’s great fun!”

Your job: Get testimonials like this from some of your favorite indie booksellers. It’s not hard to get these blurbs if you work with your independent bookstores to sell copies of your books. The ask for the testimonial.

Yes, you have to ask for the testimonial. I have rarely found booksellers who will volunteer blurbs even when they like you. You have to ask.

Freedom to Love by Hong Curley

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