Booksellers Recommend: Turtle Planet

Booksellers Recommend: Turtle Planet: Compassion, Conservation, and the Fate of the Natural World by Yun Rou

Turtle Planet is a beautifully written work of thought that deeply explores the bond between humans and animals―the wisdom animals teach us, the wounds they can heal, and the role we play in their destruction.

Drawing on fifty years of loving and husbanding turtles, from the car-sized giant Leatherback turtle to the Central Asian tortoise, Monk Yun Rou sounds the alarm of what climate change, global extinction, human intervention, and environmental devastation really mean to their worlds and to ours.

Turtle Planet: Compassion, Conservation, and the Fate of the Natural World by Yun Rou

Here are just a few reasons your customers will want to buy Turtle Planet and you will want to stock the book:

  • If you loved such books as H Is for Hawk, The Soul of an Octopus, or Ishmael, you will be moved by Turtle Planet. It is a must for any reader who loves nature, cherishes animals, and celebrates ideas.
  • Turtle Planet tells the story of climate devastation through the smaller, often more relatable stories of turtles.
  • 2020 has been designated the Year of the Turtle by zoological and conservation organizations. You still have time to get in on the promotion and help bring awareness to the wisdom of animals as well as the role humans play in the destruction of the animal world.
  • Yun Rou’s work has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Parade, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, WebMD, Fox Business News, and many other websites and publications.
  • Include Turtle Planet in any displays or promotions you are doing around climate change, environmental devastation, global extinction, the dangers of the animal trade, and the role of science in making decisions.

“This is a book to be read slowly, savored, and then re-read. And you will never again look at turtles without remembering this book!!!” — Alan N. Lieberman

“I love this book. It takes you on a journey to faraway places. It is educational, insightful, heart wrenching, and heartwarming at the same time. I can’t put it down and will probably read it again.” — Mary Carolyn Grego

Turtle Planet: Compassion, Conservation, and the Fate of the Natural World

Yun Rou, author

264 pages, softcover, 5.5 x 8.4 inches

ISBN: 978-1-64250-271-8

Retail Price: $16.95 paperback

Publication date: April 2020

Publisher: Mango Publishing Group

Book website:

Author website:

Author email:

Yun Rou, author of Turtle Planet

Dedicated to the welfare of all sentient beings, Yun Rou (the name means Soft Cloud) has been called “the new Alan Watts” for his Daoist teachings and the “Zen Gabriel Garcia-Marquez” for his works of magical realism set in China.

Born Arthur Rosenfeld in New York City, he received his academic background at Yale, Cornell, and the University of California and was officially ordained a Daoist monk in Guangzhou, China. His award-winning books, optioned for film in both Hollywood and Asia, bridge spirituality, philosophy, and history. Host of the National Public Television show Longevity Tai Chi, he is a forty-one-year kung fu master with students and followers around the world.

He has been husbanding turtles for more than half a century, including Galapagos giant tortoises and critically endangered Asian species. Monk Yun Rou lives in Arizona, spends blocks of time in Asia, teaches around the world, and still ventures far and wide with an eye out for turtles.

Author photo credit: Angela Alvarez

Order Yun Rou’s book from Ingram or Mango Publishing.

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