Christine Kloser: Write from Your Spirit

If you can write your message like this (from Christine Kloser), you can sell a lot of books (or, in her case, her Transformational Author Summit).

There’s a call echoing around the world. I hear it in my backyard. I hear it in the voices of friends, clients, and colleagues across the world. I hear it in the headlines. I hear it in shouts, in whispers…and in the silence. And I hear it in the meows of our awesome new kitties.

It is a call for humanity to wake up to the truth of who we truly are as Divine beings. It’s a call to break free of the illusions that don’t serve us, and step into reality—the reality of light, love, truth, and peace—right here and right now. — Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser on Waking Up

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