Ebook Advertisments: Video Reveals 7 Ways to Feature Ads in eBooks

Advertisements are here for ebooks, especially with Amazon’s announcement of the new Kindle with Special Offers (ads) for a lower price. If you are selling your ebooks for a low price or giving them away, one way to recoup some costs is to feature advertisements inside your ebooks. Here are seven ways to do that.

7 Ways to Feature Advertisements in Your eBooks

Here are a few options you have in selling or featuring ads in your ebooks:

Sponsorships — Sell sponsorships to companies where they pay to sponsor your ebook so you can sell it less expensively or give away completely free. Some companies have already sponsored special Kindle editions.

Video Ads — You can offer to insert a video into your ebook. Both Kindle and PDF ebooks support videos now.

Graphic Ads — You can add graphic ads into your ebooks. All ebook formats now support full-color graphics and, thus, would support a graphic ad.

Text Ads — You can insert plain old text ads (something like classified ads) within any ebook format. The ad could point to a phone number, a mailing address, a web page, an affiliate link, a shopping cart, or any number of other ways to place an order.

Product Placement Links — You can include links to websites whenever you mention a specific branded product or even a generic product. For example, if your novel’s main character is wearing Manalo shoes, you could insert a link to an online store that sells such shoes.

Coupons — You can feature coupons, with or without links to websites, that readers could print out and redeem at appropriate stores. With bookstores, you’d have to make arrangements ahead of time for the stores to accept your coupons.

Personal Recommendations — You could offer testimonials for products. As part of a review of a product, you could give it a five-star rating or a personal fave. You could charge the company for the personal recommendation or use an affiliate link. Many social media celebrities charge for all their faves or recommendations.

These seven ways, as it happens, are also ways you can sell ads on your websites or via smartphone apps. With some ebook formats, you can possibly include Google AdSense ads, Clickbank ads, and ads for your own products and services.

Ebook Advertisements: If you are selling your ebooks for a low price or giving them away, one way to recoup some costs is to feature advertisements inside your ebooks.

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