Ebooks and Amazon: An Infographic

To celebrate World Book Day on the 5th of March, Nextopia created this infographic about Amazon and ebooks:

Here are a few of the points covered in this ebook infographic:

The advantages of ebooks over printed books: instant delivery, shopping at a low cost, low maintenance, convenient, and more portable.

Amazon launched the first Kindle ebook reader in 2007.

Amazon currently sells in 12 foreign countries.

Ebooks and other digital content are less popular among Amazon’s international shoppers.

Amazon’s sales in 2013 totaled $44.5 billion.

In 2013, Amazon’s overseas sales totaled $10.54 billion in Germany,m $7.64 billion in Japan, and $7.29 billion in the United Kingdom.

Over 35% of Amazon’s total sales come from the above three countries. 60% came from the U.S. and Canada.

Ebooks priced at $9.99 on Amazon sell twice as well as ebooks priced higher. Pricing a Kindle ebook at $9.99 on Amazon results in a 16% increase in revenue.

Source: http://www.nextopia.com/blog/2015/03/amazon-ebooks-and-ecommerce-infographic

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