Ellen Finkelstein: 10 Ways to Make Money with Webinars

Today I interviewed Ellen Finkelstein on ten ways to make money with webinars. You can check out the video below.

Here are the ten ways to make money with webinars that she outlined … and reach more people to let them know about your book, services, and other products.

1. Present a free webinar, sometimes with a paid offer made at the end.

2. Charge for a webinar: a workshop, a training webinar, a masterclass. Provide information via a webinar rather than via a blog post, book, podcast, or other means.

3. Charge for a live virtual workshop. Such a workshop is longer, two to four hours or more, often with live exercises during the event.

4. Organize a webinar series. Interview guests. These webinars often include special sales offers.

5. Promote a free webinar as an affiliate.

6. Offer a free webinar series which expires and then is sold as a package after the expiration date. There is no selling on the webinar or telesummit, but each guest offers something for free (to get more subscribers).

7. Do a joint venture via a free webinar where you get subscribers (and future money via these offers).

8. Offer webinars in a membership program. The program can include coaching programs, other information, etc.

9. Get paid to do webinars via a third party. Many organizations, industry groups, and publications offer webinars that they organize and charge for. Then they find experts to present the webinars (and pay those experts). Authors are, of course, credible experts.

10. Do a free webinar and sell to the attendees later. Offer something free to the attendees so they get added to your list. Then you can sell to them later. You can also often ask for the list of attendees from the third party sponsor so you can make your free offer to the attendees once more.

You can make money with webinars!

Q: Is this for me?

A: Yes, if you want to reach more people, make more money, and grow your list

You need this knowledge to succeed in your business. Implementing it will have a BIG effect on your profits.

Q: Are webinars something that a non-techie person can do?

A: Absolutely! You’ll need some guidance at first, but soon you’ll be comfortable with the technology. LOTS of non-techie people do webinars on their own.

Q: I don’t have a product. What should I say?

A: I’ll explain easy ways to create a product from content you’ve already created. I’ll also show you how to decide on your webinar content.

Q: I’m REALLY bad at creating slides? Can I still give webinars?

A: You and lots of other people. I’ll show you how to create clear, compelling slides

Q: I’m afraid of speaking. Are webinars for me?

A: Actually, webinars are the BEST option for people who are afraid of speaking because you don’t see your audience.

Q: I can’t make the webinar at that time. Is there a recording?

A: YES. Just register and I’ll send you the link to the recording when it’s posted.


When you register, you’ll also get a free gift that will make planning webinars EASY: The Ultimate Webinar Planning Worksheet.

You see, the planning is really the hardest part. The Ultimate Webinar Planning Worksheet makes it SIMPLE. You just follow the steps to make sure everything gets done at the right time.

So follow this link and read more about it: www.ellenhelps.me/profit

10 Webinar Tips: ten ways to make money with webinars

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