How to Do Crowdfunding for a Novel

Shelf Help by Ben GalleyKickstarter is a fantastic place for book authors, artists, and other creative people to find funding, but you do need to use it for the right projects and understand how it works.

In this interview, Joanna Penn interviews Ben Galley about his Kickstarter campaign for a graphic novel, including his tips for getting the funding right, attracting backers, and more.

In addition to his graphic novels, Ben has written the book, Shelf Help: The Pocket Guide to Self-Publishing.

Here’s what he says about his book: This handy little pocket guide will tell you in great detail exactly how to go from manuscript to royalty cheque. With Shelf Help, you’ll learn how to self-publish the DIY way – retaining all your rights, royalties, and utter creative control whilst keeping it cheap, quick, and above all, professional.

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