How to Encourage Your Readers to Write Book Reviews

As All My Fathers Were by James Misko

Here’s the text of a document that novelist Jim Misko sends out to buyers to encourage them to write book reviews of his novel on four major websites. Check it out.

Here is the review I wrote on each website: I really enjoyed reading this novel. It kept me up several nights reading it when I should have been sleeping.

Now, why aren’t you doing something like this for your books? It’s a great way to ask your readers to write reviews. And reviews are crucial for sales on any online book marketplace.

It’s easy to put such a document or email template together. Just write a personal note and add a link to your book (or books) or to you as a book author (if you have multiple titles).

Personally, I’d recommend linking to the specific book so you make it easy as pie for your readers to connect to your book listing and write a review.

You could also write more specific directions on how to do book reviews on each of those marketplace. It took me awhile to figure out how to write a review on

Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you for buying my books. Readers are driving the book market while accountants are driving the large publishing houses. The new way to garner attention for a book is to have readers go to public websites and write a short review, giving their opinion and feelings after reading the book.

I would appreciate it a lot if you could work your way to any or all of these websites and write your review. Be forthright and don’t pull punches. Tell it like it is. [This link showcases all the books he has written that Barnes & Noble carries online.] [This link showcases one of Jim’s novels on GoodReads: As All My Fathers Were.] [This link showcases all of Jim’s book on, including his nonfiction books.] [This link showcases one of Jim’s novels on GoodReads: As All My Fathers Were.]

Click on any of the sites above. Then click on the number in parentheses following the “reviews” and follow the instructions.

And you can let me and the world know about your review by posting it on Facebook by clicking on the “f” at the end of the review.

May it go well with you.

James A. Misko website email

Author Promo by James Misko

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