Jessica Alba: Dream Big!

Jessica Alba: Dream Big

Dream big. Be authentic. Trust your gut. Reach for the stars. Laugh out loud often. Live in the moment. Be open. Be creative. Stay inspired. Big Kiss! — Jessica Alba, CEO of The Honest Co. and actress

The founder of The Honest Co., Jessica Alba makes some great points on how to build a company — or write, publish, and market a book.

Jessica Alba on Dreaming Big

Dream big: Don’t settle for small. Dream big. Plan enormous. Act large.

Be authentic: Always write from your heart. Talk from your heart. And market from your heart. Don’t lie. Don’t hide. Don’t fake it. Be real. Authenticity matters when you are selling a book you’ve written.

Trust your gut: You can and should listen to advice from others, but ultimately you have to trust your gut and do the things you believe you must do to reach out to the audiences for your book.

Reach for the stars: Stretch your wings. Write the books that really matter to you. Do the important things first so you actually reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Laugh out loud often: Have fun writing and marketing your book. If you don’t have fun marketing, you won’t do it well. You’ll quit too soon. You’ll give up. You’ll cut corners. So, instead, have fun! For a good laugh, check out the Facebook post at the end of this post.

Live in the moment: You’ll get more done if you work day by day rather than year by year. Focus on the important things and do them today.

Be open: Be open to new suggestions, to new ways to market your book. Always be asking questions. Look for new markets, new audiences, new ways to reach those audiences.

Be creative: Don’t be boring. It’s much more fun to be creative, different, unusual, outstanding. And it’s much more interesting to the media, more interesting to your potential tribe, more interesting to all the social sharers who can help you get more traffic, more interaction, and more sales.

Stay inspired. Never give up. Read the inspirational blog posts on this site to keep you motivated to spend time marketing your books.

I just thought this was #funny. Could be Italian. Could be Jewish. Could be Polish. Could be Japanese. Could be Iowan. But very effective!
Posted by John Kremer on Friday, February 19, 2016

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